I’m so excited to be sharing these Beauty and the Beast crafts and activities with you today! Both of my kids love Disney films and we’ve shared a lot of Disney crafts and activities for kids before but this is one in particular that I’m sure my daughter will love! These ideas are perfect for a bit of rainy day fun, or just because you love Disney princesses, after all kids are far more likely to want to get involved in an activity when it’s about something they truly enjoy!

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Like most people I love my phone, having something in your bag for taking pictures of the kids when you don’t want to lump around your camera is brilliant and I must admit that I also spend far too much time scrolling on Facebook and watching Instagram stories. My phone itself though is less than gorgeous, over a year old and looking far from as bright and shiny as it used to be so I was more than happy when GoCustomized asked me to check out their personalised phone cases.

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“This is engineering?!” If I’d told my son we were going to be doing an engineering project I think he’d have baulked at the idea. It sounds like school work, it sounds like it might be hard, I’m pretty certain he wouldn’t think it would be fun. But after taking the Chain Reaction Challenge his opinion has changed – actually I had to drag him and his younger sister away from making up more last night and again this morning so we could make it to school on time. Needless to say I’m hugely excited to be working with The Year of Engineering and their Holiday Makers project both today sharing some simple Rube Goldberg machine ideas you can do with your kids and also about their amazing challenges and their events that are taking place across the UK.

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It feels strange for me to be writing about back to school and DIY school supplies as my own kids haven’t broken up from school yet but from talking with friends in other countries I’m aware that their kids are getting ready to go back already! I think making your own school supplies is a nice creative project for the end of the holidays and with cute ideas including pencil holders, painted rulers and printed lunch bags, kids will love to get stuck into these great tutorials.

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I love how cute these sweet weather suncatchers look and the great thing about them is they’re super simple to make using some stuff I grabbed from our recycling bag! Pop them up in the window and these remind me of stained glass suncatchers – though of course they’re a lot safer and easier for kids to make which means they’re a lot better for parents too!

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