This mess free acorn activity for kids is super simple but it has loads of great ideas behind it! For the littlest kids it makes a fun sensory play experience but for older kids you can use it to talk about seasons, colour mixing and even use it to support literacy! And of course as a mess free activity there isn’t loads of stuff to clean up afterwards or little hands to try and clean. Perfect!

mess free acorn activity

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A few weeks ago Smyths Toys asked us if we would like to check out their new toy Snot. I knew my kids always love getting surprises in the post but….Snot? Well it didn’t sound like the most attractive thing to me but my kids are four and six and therefore more inclined to be interested in anything that sounds a little bit gross. Fast forward to this week and Snot arrived in the post. Smyths Toys describe him as the toy no one wanted but what would my kids think?

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This week we’ve been making some super tasty bonfire night deserts for my work as a contributor to Day Out With The Kids and we ended up with a bit too much chocolate left over – a tragedy right?! Of course it would be wasteful to just chuck chocolate away and with dinnertime looming I didn’t want the kids to just eat it all so we quickly made some bonfire night inspired firework chocolate bark. This is super easy to make and is perfect for a treat while you wait for the fireworks to start!

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