My kids have always been huge fans of Halloween and these easy Halloween activities for toddlers have all been designed to let kids in on the fun no matter how old they are! With simple craft ideas designed for little hands, sensory play and the cutest keepsakes there’s bound to be loads the toddler in your life will love!

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I’m so pleased to be able to share these fun autumn tree painting ideas for kids with you today, especially as I’ve also got a free tree template to share with you to make it a bit easier for you and your kids to get creative!

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Whether you want to make spring, autumn of four seasons crafts this free tree template is a great way to spark some creativity and makes it really easy for you to prepare activities!

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I am delighted Aviva are sponsoring this promotion of their Free Parent Life Cover, it’s not the most fun or glamorous subject to talk about but it’s an important matter to discuss. I cringe inwardly (and quite regularly) when grown up chats come up with my kids and I think life cover is the same, no one wants to think that something could happen to us or our partners and yet we all know that these things, sadly, do happen. Sometimes they’ve happened to people we know. So it makes sense to try and do something to help support your family and as Aviva are offering some support for free for parents with children aged under 4 it’s well worth having the chat with your partner, your friends or just you sitting down with your computer and getting on with applying!

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Ok do it’s a bit of a mouthful but this Frankenstein paper bowl craft is perfect for younger kids who want to get on with making something and don’t want to wait for paint to dry! There’s also a couple of sneaky benefits to making this Frankenstein craft this way too, plus of course it’s a lot of fun!

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