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Kate Williams Crafts on SeaHello, I’m Kate, mum to two small superheros and maker of things for kids and grown ups.

I like making things, peeling my kids off my head (you do that too, right?!) and wine. My kids like getting messy, playing with sticks and being a bit loud. My son is six (born December 2010) and can normally be found in his Batman outfit, his younger sister is a crazy but cute four year old (born October 2013) who bought herself a Robin outfit through Amazon and wears it a lot. True story, don’t let your kids play with your Ipad. We live in Cornwall, England having relocated from Southend in the summer of 2016 and I am also a contributor for Day Out With The Kids.

The crafts on here are things that my kids really enjoy doing and hopefully they’re things your kids will like too. It’s all realistic and achievable, so if something looks like it’s been made by a two year old, err, that’s probably because it was!

New here? These are some of my favourite posts that you might like!

This Captain America Paper Plate Shield got played with for ages

I gave in to the kids Big Hero 6 obsession and made them a Baymax Felt Finger Puppet – there’s a template there so you can make one too!

This teacup pincushion takes about five minutes to make, which means you can probably knock one up while you have a cuppa brewing.

The smallest took forever to get teeth and refused puree. Here’s 40 things she could eat before she got teeth.

Some cool things about Crafts on Sea:

Crafts on Sea was a finalist in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards in 2015 for the best craft blog

I’ve had tutorials published in The Sunday Mirror and Craftseller Magazine

I’ve attended Downing Street with Mumsnet and Railway Children to discuss the issues faced by young people running away from home

I’ve edited the Mumsnet Craft round up with some lovely thrifty crafts

I’m passionate about making things myself in the small bit of time I have and  helping to encourage my kids to be creative.

If you represent an organisation you may wish to read my work with me page, you can also contact me on craftsonsea@gmail.com




  1. 5th April 2013 / 11:28 am

    Just found your blog and wanted to say how much I love it… I’ve laughed out loud at least once in every post and I love your gorgeous photos too.

    As a fellow English graduate, with a baby, fella and a healthy interest in crafts and cramming way too much into life, I feel like I might need to go out and buy myself a bulimic cat now. Do they tend to give you details of that sort of personality trait if you drop in at Battersea Cats home, I wonder?

  2. Cherie Kemp
    24th July 2013 / 6:14 am

    I have just discovered your lovely blog. You might enjoy a look through mine. I craft with recycled materials and am always happy to share my craft skills with anyone that may be interested. Please feel free to use any of my ideas for your projects.

    • Kate
      3rd August 2013 / 7:07 pm

      Oh, thank you very much! Off for a look now 🙂

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