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Easy Mosaic Flower Craft

I’m a great believer that you can never have too many pretty things and this easy mosaic flower craft is the perfect way to brighten up the place! Although it looks easy (and it is, hurray!) there’s actually loads of opportunities for learning with this craft too.

easy mosaic flower craft for kids

Mosaic Flower Craft Materials:

Coloured card / glitter card

Glue sticks



mosaic flower craft for kids preschool easy spring

Let’s make it:

Start by drawing a flower shape on some card, I tend to prefer card where possible to paper for kids crafts like this as they tend to look a bit floppy on paper with the extra weight of things stuck on? Plus if you end up using PVA glue instead of a glue stick it can get a bit sloppy, for this I would also recommend using a glue stick like a pritt stick as it dries instantly, much better unless your kids are happy to wait a day for it to dry!

Once your have your flower shape you are free to start decorating it. Mosaic crafts are a great way to use up any scraps you have from other crafts so we used a mixture of plain coloured cards and glitter card but you could use pages from magazines or comics just as easily. It’s a great way for kids to practice their scissor skills and you can also discuss different shapes too – did they cut out a square, a rectangle or a triangle? Grabbing hold of the small bits of card and getting them into the right place on the flower is good for fine motor skills too.

The same as with our mosaic heart craft, once you’ve finished filling up your mosaic flower you’re free to cut the shape out. It’s much easier to do it this way rather than cutting out the flower first as you’ll get smother edges this way and it’s harder to find mosaic pieces that will fit perfectly inside your flower.

Liked this craft? Make sure that you pin the image or bookmark this page so you have this idea to hand when you need it. Want more ideas? Why not check out my round up of over 40 spring crafts for toddlers, perfect for cheerful crafting inspiration.

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  1. 4th February 2018 / 2:34 pm

    What a great idea for the kids to make! So bright and colourful and doesn’t use many materials. I like the idea that you can use up scraps from other crafts for this and that the kids can practise using scissors. : )

  2. 4th February 2018 / 3:05 pm

    Aw, those are lovely. Takes me back to when I could get Caitlin to make things like that. She’s 10 now so it’s all ‘iPad’!

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