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Easy, achievable and fun crafts for kids – cheap materials but amazing results!

Since I told my son I had an idea for an easy zombie craft for kids he wouldn’t stop asking me when we could make it, I did have to point out a few times that sensible things like school and mealtimes do get in the way of crafting sometimes! Both my son who is 6 and my daughter who has just turned 4 had fun making their own zombies with only a little bit of help with the cutting. Of course I had to make one myself because there is no one in this house that’s rocking the mombie look better than I am (when are the kids meant to start sleeping through?!) so mine has the obligatory mum Breton top on and brown hair. Not sure if the kids got the hint though?!  This is a really easy Halloween craft that’s fun to make and requires only the basics including a quick rumble through your recycling bin. This post contains affiliate links.

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I’m not sure if ghost crafts for kids are supposed to be sweet or spooky but I tend to err on the side of sweet – after all no parent wants to add their kid having nightmares to the ever growing list of why they didn’t get a full nights sleep. With Halloween around the corner these are the most fun ghost crafts for kids I’ve seen this year and I’m sure your children will love them too!

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This mess free acorn activity for kids is super simple but it has loads of great ideas behind it! For the littlest kids it makes a fun sensory play experience but for older kids you can use it to talk about seasons, colour mixing and even use it to support literacy! And of course as a mess free activity there isn’t loads of stuff to clean up afterwards or little hands to try and clean. Perfect!

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