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This Christmas Santa seemed to leave an extra special present for people in Southend. We got yarnbombed. Not once, not twice, but three times. Honestly, can you imagine how excited I was? Well, I was out with a camera on a Sunday morning with The Husband keeping the car running while I ran around taking photos. Housework be damned, when there’s a Southend yarnbomb to be seen I’m there!

The first one I found was along the seafront next to the Cliff Lift. No idea who has done this but it’s so bright and cheery!

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There is nothing like the excitement of a parcel arriving in the post to get you in the mood for Christmas and today was especially exciting as I recieved a Secret Santa pressent thanks to #craftblogclub!

#craftblogclub is a twitter chat group hosted by the super lovely Emma from Life is Peachy, when I saw that they were organising a Secret Santa I really wanted to take part but I was a bit concerned as with an eleven week old baby I wasn’t sure quite how much I would be able to achieve!

So, which would you like first? What I gave or what I received? Lets go with what I gave.

secret santa

Now, if this package arrived in the post for you this week, look away now and don’t ruin your surprise!

Have they looked away? Promise?

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Well we do live in Essex you know!

So last week The Toddler bought home what I presume were salt dough decorations from play group and I was reminded that I wanted to make some for our tree this year. Actually, what I wanted to make were these gorgeous ones from Hybrid Handmade where Cari uses air drying clay and vintage lace, however I have a toddler so that wasn’t likely to happen. Instead I decided to embrace my inner Essex girl and decided we would make some super blinged up ones instead. Class be damned!

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Last year I bought this book for the Toddler Bears magic moon We wanted to start creating some family traditions of our own and so on Christmas Eve silly old Santa accidentally let it fall out of his sleigh and into our front room. This is obviously the kind of thing that happens if you stop and have a glass of sherry at every house you visit! View Post

Like most children his age, The Toddler has been regularly coming home from pre-school with a selection of Christmas pictures and decorations over the last couple of weeks. Which is great and I love that he’s being creative, but I don’t always know what to do with his handmade goodies? So this week I’ve come up with two super easy ways of displaying children’s Christmas decorations and I was so pleased with them I thought I would share them!

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