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Paper Plate Umbrella Craft for Kids

This paper plate umbrella craft for kids is such a simple and cute idea you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before! I find that my kids need something to do after school or nursery otherwise they get a little… antsy. But if it’s anything too complicated then they tend to get upset as they’re normally worn out by then. This kids craft gets the balance right, it’s fun enough for school age kids but it’s simplicity makes its a good crafts for toddlers too. It’s also good fun if you’re trying to teach about weather as we’ve tried out a simple add-on activity to make it a little more interesting!

paper plate umbrella craft for kids

You will need:

Paper Plates




Black card



How to make your cute umbrella craft for kids:

Cut out the umbrella handle from black card and then cut curved lines into your paper plate to make it into an umbrella shape. Depending on the age of your child (and how tired they are!) they might be able to do this themselves. Get your child to stick the umbrella handle onto the back of the paper plate and then they are free to paint and design their umbrella however they wish! When my kids have the post-school tireds I like to sit down and craft with them as it gives us a nice relaxed opportunity for a chat, so my umbrella craft is the yellow one, my son at age five did the red and blue one and my two year old daughter did the swirly purple one

umbrella craft for kids

Tip – I like to use an extra paper plate to put the paints on as it means afterwards I can just pop it in the bin. If crafting doesn’t seem too awful to clean up I’m more likely to do it more often!

This is a great craft if you are talking about the weather and a fun way to extend it is once the paint is dry, pop some water onto your paintbrushes and get it to ‘rain’ onto the paper plates. What happens to the paints? What happens to the colours? Most importantly though it’s good fun!

kids paper plate umbrella craft

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