So you know that bit in Julie and Julia where Julie Powell gets all excited because she’s about to start a big cooking challenge and she just bloomin’ loves cooking and all that. Well, that’s not been me this week.

What has been me this week is me being amazed by the support I’ve had from people, most of whom I barely know, or only know a bit through blogging and then me being all excited and then me thinking OH MY GOD I’VE ACTUALLY GOT TO COOK and panicking. Yep, mainly the panicking. Because as much as I’d love to do ‘fake it ’till you make it’ the fact remains that I am not a great cook. I don’t really use ready meals, I make a pretty good tagine, but on the other hand my husband had to teach me how to cook bacon. Ahem. So you can imagine the mild concern I’ve had at some of the recipes people have sent me, particuarly as this is stuff for a toddler and I ned to be able to make it while my son rides his little bike into my legs.

Therefore receiving a recipe for eggy bread from Recipe Junkie was rather a relief. On the bad side, not one bit of egg has ever passed my sons lips without me being given a look which would suggest I’ve just tried to feed him monkeys brains, but at least its something I could make pretty easily. Well hopefully anyway. The recipe I received is as follows:

More of a guide than a recipe as such, this is ideal toddler finger food (with added dip appeal with the addition of ketchup), and can be served for breakfast, lunch and tea. Slightly older bread is better than very fresh (fresher bread may break up and be tricky to transfer from egg soaking plate to hot pan), and although you can use any bread, it pains me to say that shop bought white probably has most toddler appeal (doesn’t it always). Compromise by using one of the half & half type loaves.

To make 2 pieces of eggy bread:
1 large egg
2 slices of bread

Break the egg into a plate and beat with a fork. You could add salt & pepper if you felt so inclined.

Put a piece of bread into the egg. Put a small frying pan on a medium heat with a splash of oil in it. Turn the bread in the egg so the other side gets ‘egged’. By this time, the pan should be hit enough, so transfer the first slice to the pan and fry for a minute or so then flip over the cook the other side. Continue to cook until the egg is cooked and golden. Serve hot with ketchup or your preferred condiment.

And the result?

A happy child! (Ok, I sat him in front of the tele, but it’s the weekend and I never said I was Gina Ford) Now admittedly, he only ate a couple of mouthfuls, but that’s more egg than I can get in him normally and he turned down other food afterwards so I think it was probably jut that he wasn’t hungry. I’ve got no problems with that.

So onwards and upwards! I’ve got slow cooked meatballs planned for Sunday and then maybe cod and courgette for Monday? Fingers crossed!

If you have a child and they will eat something you made, email it to me, please! My address is

Want to know what started this all off? Read my blog here on Feed my child and help Save the Children

Want to check out Recipe Junkie’s blog? (She’s a good cook! And a lovely person!) It’s over here!

And finally, pop your email address in here and I’ll let you know as soon as the ebook is ready so you can buy a copy and help Save the Children!

I’ve been thinking about writing this for a little while but self doubt has dragged me down somewhat. Its a rubbish idea. I’m not a big enough blogger, not high enough up in the community, blah blah blah. And then just now I thought meh, just do it anyway and if it falls flat on its face so what. So here goes.

Tonight is the third night in a row where I’ve not had a clue what to feed my son. I am absolutely bored rigid of making pasta with a bolognese sauce, especially since he’s gone off it again and will only eat the strawberries I’d got him for dessert. I have tried every baby food cookbook out there but they all seem a bit stale to me, and to be honest I don’t really trust anything without a recommendation. So, what I’d like is if you have a meal which you make and your child will eat (the two often being rather different things round here!) send it to me and I’ll try it out, blog it and give you big sloppy cyber snogs in the forms of links, facebook and twittery love. View Post

So the plan this week was to make some lovely patchwork style cushion covers, blog about them and then flop on the sofa basking in smugness due to my immense sewing expertise having both sorted me out a blog post and made my front room look a bit better. Obviously that hasn’t happened.

What actually happened was I made some shortbread earlier in the week and it was a disaster-rama, so I was a little bit worried about doing the cushion covers as that’s totally new to me, as is patchwork.

And then this morning my beloved, beautiful son woke up at 3.30 and my day was begun. I’ve also been to work today. Seriously, do you think its a good idea to sit me behind a sewing machine? Its got spending the evening in A&E with the local drunkards written all over it.

So instead here is a recipe for really lovely stuffed aubergines. I feel like I’ve been making these forever, definitely back to my veggie days and quickly putting dinner together last night I realised that its one of those meals where I have no idea how long I put things in for, I just know what to do, so you’ll have to put up with the fact that everything is a little bit approximate. I find this easier to do once a glass of wine has been consumed.

You will need per person:

One Aubergine

Half a tin of tomatoes

Some spicy herb stuff (I used paprika)

Some cheese (I used cheddar as that’s what was in my fridge)

Cut the aubergine in half length ways, then cut out the flesh from the middle leaving about half an inch next to the skin. Chop the removed aubergine flesh into small bits and then fry in a bit of olive oil. Add the tinned tomatoes and cook right down, you don’t want this to be sloppy. Add the herby spicy stuff of your choice (a bit of red wine is, shock horror, also good here)Score the insides of the left over aubergines and pop in your oven for about 10 mins on 200c. When the tomato sauce is cooked down, fill the empty aubergine skins with the sauce, pop some cheese on top and pop back in the oven until the cheese melts, about 15 – 20 mins.

And that’s it! Goes nicely with any meat or a good veggie dish with some rice.

Enjoy, I’m off to inhale some more nescafe and stay away from the sewing machine that little bit longer x

Dear Delia,

I don’t know how to say this, but me and you? Its just not working out is it?

We used to be so great together. Back in the day when I first started cooking we were inseparable. I was an ex-veggie, couldn’t even cook a sausage. You came into my life in the form of many cookery books, given to me by my dad, over-whelmed with happiness as he was that I was finally ready to move on from cheese filled Findus Crispy Pancakes and for the those early, heady days together it was great. I learnt loads from you and yeah, your picture on the cover now looks pretty filthy these days, but who wants a clean book?

If I’m honest though Delia, I started seeing someone else. Mary Berry. I just didn’t have the cake tin sizes that you wanted for Jacobs birthday cake and she came to my rescue. Yeah, ok my first try with her was rubbish, but sometimes the first time you go with someone new it isn’t all that. The second attempt was fantastic though. View Post