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Just like using a knife and fork or holding a pencil, using a pair of scissors is one of those things that kids just have to learn to do at some point, but like most things to do with kids it’s a lot better for everyone involved if you can do it in a fun way! My kids were never big fans of worksheets and to be honest I’m not either, I don’t think I’m alone in admitting that I prefer to do activities with my kids that I can enjoy a bit too? Some of these activities have been created for encouraging scissor skills while others are crafts or activities that require using (and therefore practising) scissor skills in a simple and easy way. Hopefully they’ll all bring a bit more fun for you and your kids to getting those scissor skills perfected!

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This easy flower scissor skills activity is really quick to set up and uses materials you’re likely to already have at home – always a good thing! Scissor skills are a really important skill to learn but I know that my kids have never been interested in anything worksheet based – this cute craft makes learning a skill more interesting and it would be easy to adapt as a craft for Mothers Day or to make as a card too.

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We love sharing paper plate crafts and I think this snowflake paper plate twirler might be my new favourite thing? Not only is it a great way to promote scissor skills it’s good for fine motor skills too and did I mention it looks pretty? It looks super pretty, imagine a ton of these hanging up in your home or classroom all spinning around!

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Advert. This year we’re going on holiday to Disneyland Paris which I’m really excited about – what I’m not excited about though is the thought of my kids asking me if they can have money for 101 things while we’re over there. Not that I blame them (I’m after some Minnie Mouse ears myself) but I don’t want to be spending tons of money every time we pass a shop so I’ve been trying my hardest to get my kids to save some money for their holiday. Saving money isn’t really as much fun as spending it (for adults as well as kids) so Rooster Money have shared some of their best tried and tested tips to encourage your kids to save money as well as one that we’ve been doing at our house.

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Advert. Over Christmas it’s fair to say that we amassed quite a lot of cardboard boxes, we do a lot of our shopping online and they tend to add up! I’m a great believer in using what we have to fuel our creativity in this house and anything that we can rescue from the recycling bin is always worth giving a second use so when Lonely Planet Kids asked if we would like to try out their Cardboard Box Creations book with 20 travel inspired ideas in it we were up for the challenge and if you love cardboard crafts too then keep reading for details about how your kids creations could win them loads of Lonely Planet Kids books!

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