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satchel in progessMore and more I find myself at the moment with a huge list of things I want to do, and as the list gets longer and longer the less I seem able to get anything done. Tired. A bit overwhelmed. With a small child that doesn’t want to go to sleep and a house with melted ice lollies ground into the flooring.

Then a few days ago I saw a post on Facebook, I think it was from Craft Blog UK but apologies if I’ve got that wrong. Anyway, it said to take ten minutes every day to do something creative. At the time I thought something along the lines of ‘humph’ and forgot about it, but as the week progressed I thought more about it.  View Post

Not proper ‘as decided by the Queen with a Cathedral and all that jazz’ status, obviously. Despite what the local council would like. Or City of Culture status which (you guessed it!) the council are also going for. Nope, Southend has gone one better, we have our first cardboard city. Whoop! Oh….

The Husband, as I’ve mentioned before, runs the local food bank / homeless drop in / poverty relief / community cafe / whatever so, despite my aspirations to wear Boden all day and let them all eat cake, I do have a fairly accurate idea of what life is like for people on the street. A few years back I went for a job at Southend Council in their homeless department and they duly informed me that once a year they walked down the High Street and counted the number of rough sleepers. Reader, no one sleeps down the High Street. You get beaten up by people coming out of nightclubs. Verbal abuse. Urinated on. Why on earth would you sleep there? People do, I now know, sleep down the beach, in the woods and one fellow showed The Husband a little while ago his home. It was a lockable toilet near the Jobcentre. Then he got kicked out of it by crack dealers so he moved into an alley. This kind of puts my problems of having a small garden into perspective.  View Post

national trust 1So last week we went to Cornwall. This is how much I love Cornwall – when The Husband and I went to South Africa we climbed to the top of Table Mountain (yep, really climbed, stop snickering), stopped, caught our breath and looked around. ‘It’s gorgeous here.’ We said, ‘looks just like Cornwall.’

So it was with great excitement that I noticed that while we were there The National Trust were doing a free open weekend on their properties. Now obviously, being in possession of a toddler I was mildly concerned at exactly how much he would enjoy traipsing round an old building which contained neither balloons nor pictures of Batman, however I was reliably informed that The National Trust is now very family friendly. There was an adventure playground there. The advertising showed a picture of small children playing idyllically in the bluebells. The fact that the children were also wearing Victorian dress should have rung an alarm bell. It didn’t. Oops.


parenting fail at the National Trust View Post

BiBlogoYou know when sometimes you are away from home and you think ‘I’ll just quickly check my emails’ and then along comes something that totally throws you and you have to spend the next half an hour finding out if its true or not? Well that was me last week. In Cornwall with an Internet connection powered by a hamster on a wheel when I noticed a tweet from Nell who writes The Pigeon Pair and Me (which is very good, do go check it out) saying that I was a semi-finalist in the Brilliance in Blogging Awards, although she she added there was no surprise there though.
Surprised? Ahem. I nearly had a heart attack. And there being no wifi there I think I spent this months mortgage payment on the Internet hamster trying to realise if this was something proper or some kind of weird joke or twitter ‘someone is spreading rumours about you’ spam.  View Post

makeitroom So, having declared last week that, inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee, I was going to dust off my sewing machine and bravely try and start sewing again, I was very lucky in that last weekend I got to book on a class at The Make it Room in Howe Green to learn to make cushions.

I’ve sewn an envelope cushion before, in fact it was the last thing I actually cracked the sewing machine out for. I even made up the pattern myself. But the fact that I haven’t blogged it tells you roughly how well it went. It’s ok, I mean, it’s in my front room so it’s not a total disaster-o-rama or anything, but the back rather gapes and it’s just…. well, the machine has gathered dust since then. That’s not a good sign is it?  View Post