straight outta southendWhat do you think of when you think of Southend? The pier? Essex girls? TOWIE or white van man? Old people (there’s a lot of them!) and boy racers? What about gang culture? No, that wasn’t the one I was really expecting either.

Scanning the front pages of the papers earlier this week I found this article about a 15 year old boy who had been arrested in Southend High Street for menacing people with a bicycle chain. Obviously this isn’t great anyway but according to the article the boy was wearing the colours of a known local gang.

Gang colours? Southend?! Seriously?!  View Post


Yeah. Sucks a bit, huh?

So you may remember that last weeks woodturning was a huge success. My personal highlight was texting Rach to tell her that one commenter had likened us to Kirstie Alsopp. Apparently she let out a whoop and had a ‘got to tell the husband moment’. This is obviously one of the nicer aspects of forcing people to help out with your craft blog. So the plan was that today off we would go to the sewing one, all the girls in the office all excited and me feeling like I am super-dooper Kate. I am sewing in my lunch break! I can get a blog post out of it! I am doing my bit for team building!

And then the day before my boss told me that we’re entering a consultation period. Jobs would be lost. Mine possibly one. There’s a new job, which I can apply for, but its full time so I’d have to do a  job-share. And, you know, apply for it.  View Post


I started this blog six months ago because I felt that I needed a new challenge, something to do other than the (demanding enough) roles of mother, housewife,employee and all that comes with those. One of the benefits of doing this means that it’s pushed me into trying new things, so when I saw an advert last week for a ‘come and try’ wood turning session I figured it was something I ought to give a go.

Lucky Rachel not only gets dragged to woodturning, she gets to have her picture taken too!

One of the downsides of writing this blog is that I drag my friends into it too, by hook or by crook. And quite frankly there was no way on this earth that I was brave enough to go wood turning on my own which meant that Rachel (aka, she of gorgeous tea loaf fame) basically got two days of ‘come wood turning! It will be ace! Honest!’ until she agreed that as far as lunchtime activities go, it’s got to beat queuing in Boots for a meal deal or the elusive hunt for something to cook for dinner.  View Post


Reader, do you like work? Want to find something to make it a bit more bearable? Then may I introduce to you The Office Bake Off. yes its a simple idea but by God does it work. Inspired by last seasons Great British Bake Off we started one in my office and crikey does it make paid employment that bit more bearable. And you get guaranteed cake at work every week which has got to be a winner. Here’s my rules to a happy workplace:

Banana and raisin cakes, made by my own fair hands

1) Set up a spreadsheet with every week for the next few months

2) Send round a hassley ‘Do you like cake?!’ style email, note, it helps to prep a work place friend to yell out very loudly ‘Oh! I love cake! Lets all do a bake off and anyone who doesn’t join in is rubbish!’ as soon as aforementioned email is sent  View Post


I don’t do New Years Resolutions. As far as I see it, I’m not doing that much that I need to give up, heck, I’m a preachers wife so it’s not like I’m flogging crack outside the local primary school. Likewise I don’t want to wait until New Year to pull my finger out and get some things done. So here’s a bucket list to get me through the autumn as the nights are drawing in. A mini mission statement to keep me going.

1) Sell enough things to justify how much I’m doing in Cooksons at the moment. This week I’ve taken a commission for one of my annealed bracelets (WHOOP!!!!) however I also did £46 and don’t have much to show for it. I have therefore promised myself that I daren’t go near internet shopping until I’ve made that £46 quid back.  View Post