With Earth Hour this weekend and Earth Day coming up I thought it would be fun to do a little Earth themed craft with my daughter. At three years old we haven’t been massively studying the solar system but she listens along quite happily when I read about it with her brother and has spotted planets from our back garden before, besides it’s never too early to start teaching kids about our planet and how important looking after it is! These sweet planet Earth suncatchers remind me of stained glass and they are really easy to make. As an added bonus they’re also perfect for encouraging fine motor skills too.



Mother’s Day can be a bit tricky to buy for. As a mum myself most of the things on my wish list wouldn’t cost anything, a full nights sleep, dinner without complaints and drinking a cup of tea while it’s still hot. Unfortunately, while those things are free, several years of parenting has also taught me that they’re also wildly over ambitious and probably never going to happen. Besides, if truth be told, I think I’d be a bit miffed if I woke up and was informed that my cup of hot steaming tea was in fact my Mother’s Day gift and could I now crack on as no one can get the wi-fi to work. So what does make a good Mother’s Day present? Well for me a great present is something you’ve fancied for a while but haven’t really been able to justify, and that’s where the Biscuiteers Mother’s Day Bouquet Tin comes in.

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It’s spring which means that it’s the perfect time to go and visit a farm with the kids.We’re lucky in that we live near a few but as these are working farms and not petting ones I always look forward to the chance to go and visit one of the local farm shops where we can go and get a bit closer to the animals too. Farm animals are always a really popular craft subject for kids so I thought it would be fun to put together this little round up of farms animal crafts for preschoolers – hope you love them too!

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Shopping for your partner can be hard work.

You might not have been together that long, you might be married or you might just be struggling to find the right gift. You want to find him the perfect gift, something he will use, something he will love and something that makes his birthday extra special.

But all this makes looking for a birthday gift extra stressful because you just want to get it right.

Instead of opting for the usual card and money, it is time to make this birthday the best yet by finding the perfect gift for your partner. Here are just a few ideas you might want to consider this year.

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Did you know that 8.30pm on March 25th is Earth Hour? It’s the world’s largest demonstration of support for action on climate change and this year will be it’s tenth anniversary. WWF challenged me to come up with some crafts that kids could make to help raise awareness of some of the animals that are the most affected by climate change and I think making these would be a great way to have a bit of relaxed family time with your kids while also making sure that they are aware of why Earth Hour is so important for our planet so I’ve included some information about each animal from the WWF. As a mum myself I know that my own kids are always really interested when I talk to them about matters I think are important, although pro tip here, don’t do as I did once and start these chats at bedtime as the discussion we once had around apartheid in South Africa put bedtime back by a long time! I’ve tried to embrace the spirit of Earth Hour by using craft materials that I found in my recycling bin rather than buying anything new. I prefer to do this anyway but it really made me think this time about how much packaging we go through, recycling is great but less packaging will be even better! If you make any of these crafts with your kids I’d love to see them ¬†just hashtag them¬†#MakeClimateMatter on Twitter or Instagram and if you tag me @craftsonsea I’ll share them for you too. Make sure you sign up to Earth Hour here and turn your lights out for an hour on the 25th March!