Bunny crafts for kids (or rabbit crafts, depending on what mood you’re in) are to my mind the most popular ones in the lead up to Easter and of course there’s no reason why you can’t have bunny crafts all spring really- just normal rabbits without any chocolate?! These are my absolute favourite bunny crafts that I’ve found and I’m sure that you’ll love them too.

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I love monster crafts because although you are ultimately making something that looks like a monster there’s so much scope for kids to make it look however they want. Want to have three eyes? That’s fine. Horns or a beard? Go for it, it’s hard to make a monster that looks too crazy! These paper bowl monsters are super simple to make and loads of fun too and you’ll also find some monster book recommendations to read alongside this fun craft.

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As my kids have been reminding me at least 532 times a day, it’s nearly Easter (can you guess that the Easter bunny is popular round ours?!) so I’m really pleased to be sharing this round up of Easter activities for preschoolers today. There’s loads of ideas with lots of fun crafts too so hopefully enough to keep the kids busy until the big day? Who knows!

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I think I’ve got a bit rabbit craft obsessed in the lead up to Easter this year, I told myself I wouldn’t share any more but then….I saw some paper bowls in our kitchen and I couldn’t help myself! In fairness this paper bowl rabbit craft is too cute not to share and it’s nice and easy for kids to make too, perfect for getting in the mood for Easter.

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You want to know the truth? I have no idea where bunny butt crafts come from. I mean, I know that it’s nearly Easter and that, you know, rabbit have botttoms but to why or how bunny butts became a ‘thing’ I don’t have a clue. What I do know though is that my Pinterest feed is full of bunny butt cakes and cookies right now and as my kids find anything that sounds remotely rude absolutely hilarious I thought I’d make this fun little doily bunny butt craft.

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