Like most children his age, The Toddler has been regularly coming home from pre-school with a selection of Christmas pictures and decorations over the last couple of weeks. Which is great and I love that he’s being creative, but I don’t always know what to do with his handmade goodies? So this week I’ve come up with two super easy ways of displaying children’s Christmas decorations and I was so pleased with them I thought I would share them!

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So, last week I started to share some ideas for Christmas books for Children which I think are great to read together. First up was Stickman, a popular choice for families and pretty well known. Today’s choice? Possibly less likely to be seen on most Christmas reading lists and possibly with good reason.

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So, last week I saw my friend Louise and I was discussing the Christmas wreaths we made together and how mine had started getting pinned again on Pinterest.

“I don’t remember making those” she said.

“But we were round your house!” I said. “You liberated all the foliage!” The memory comes drifting back. And this dear reader, is the issue of when you do crafts after a couple of glasses of red wine. Still, at least we had the pictures to jog our memories!

Anyway, this got me thinking of how I could make a really quick wreath this year and this is the result! This easy Christmas wreath tutorial should have you with the finished wreath in around ten minutes and as it doesn’t require much to make it it’s super thrifty too, always handy at this time of year!

Easy Christmas Wreath Tutorial


Step One

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I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of my favourite Christmas reading ideas for toddlers and children over the next couple of weeks. As someone who used to have their own second hand book business I’m understandably passionate about reading, although these days The Toddler has far more books than me and The Husband combined! I obviously need to up my game…

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When I started this blog my idea was to share craft projects that normal, busy people can do, you know, people that don’t have the time to spend all weekend working on a project because actually they’re a bit busy with everything else. My idea was that most things could be done between putting your child to bed and having dinner. Which was great! And then child number two came along and suddenly, that spare bit of time has now been changed to the few minutes between taking the elder one to playgroup, putting a clothes wash on and changing the youngest’s clothes again. But I still really want to do something so these spray painted ornaments should hopefully be something that everyone can fit into those fleeting moments.

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