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So, yes… redundancy! Four part time members of staff on my team. Four people made redundant. The same four, obviously. I’m sure there couldn’t possibly be a link between those facts, although you’re free to think what you like. I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason, because sometimes things that happen to people are so awful that there can’t be a reason behind it. Work is a bit different though, it brings changes, opportunities and the chance to reassess a bit, so without further ado I give you my top ten brilliant things I am going to do when no longer in my job.

1) Listen to Women’s Hour. Apparently they even played Bikini Kill the other day. Needless to say my current workplace does not tune into Radio 4 on a regular basis.

2) Spend more time with my son. Hurray!! Yes, I will have to get another job but being stuck at home doing colouring and playing sounds pretty good to me.

3) Sew a quilt. I’ve wanted to do it for ages and have been delaying it. Delaying things has not gone that well for me recently, its time to do the things I want.  View Post

So then, this week….If I could sum it up in one word it would probably be ARRGGHHHH!!! I had a mega-blog mid-week when I wrote two posts and scheduled this one to go out just after midnight, setting it up nicely for Foodie Kids Thursday. Then my blog died. And when, 48 hours later it reappeared it was without the posts.


So now I’m at work, re-writing this.

Double humph.

And I’ve had the interview today to see if I’d be selected for redundancy and to put it nicely, it did not go well. So you’ll have to excuse the desire to hide under the duvet but its that or hit the shiraz and as the toddler is waking pre-six am at the moment that doesn’t sound like my best idea!  View Post

I have Raynaud’s disease. As far as illnesses go I know it’s not the worst than can happen. I know there’s a lot, lot worse things. But still it’s a pain. Literally that is. As soon as the cold starts my fingers and toes go ‘dead’, I can’t feel them properly (fun when driving!) and the blood seems to drain away. The problem is though, they aren’t ‘dead’. I can’t feel them properly but damn it they hurt too! Like pins and needles is the closest I can think of. I was going to take a photo of it in my feet but then I thought that someone may be eating their breakfast. Or lunch. Or maybe, y’know, they just plain old don’t want to see my yucky old feet. So here’s my hand on Wednesday night

Actually that’s probably the best they’ve been all week as it was only after a ten minute drive. The rainbow-a-thon that happened on Thursday was worth a brag at work, and pain for an hour. Humph.

Anyway, hope comes in unlikely places and mine was through the glory that is Love All Blogs where I found someone asking if anyone wanted to review some slippers from the lovely people at Ugg. I am not ashamed to say that I begged.

I was given the Ansley slipper in chestnut which retail at £80. Obviously aren’t the cheapest slippers around, but then my flat wasn’t the cheapest thing around, neither are my mugs the cheapest crockery on the market and I do believe that sometimes you do get what you pay for. Most days if someone said ‘give me £2k and I’ll stop you being cold’ I’d do it. What you do get for your money is a proper sole on your slippers, which means that what with the ultra fluff on the inside I reckon there’s a good few centimetres between the floor and your feet.  View Post

So, those of you who have been reading this blog for a while may know that a while ago I threw myself at your feet and asked for some help in feeding my son anything other than crisps and strawberries. I was going to blog all the recipes you sent me and then would pop them all in a big ol’ e-book with all profits raised going to Save the Children.

And y’know I’ve kinda been doing this. But in all honesty I do need a bit of a kick up the backside with it.

So this was my recipe for this week, kindly donated by Rachel from A discount ticket to everywhere

Fish Pie
Ingredients (serves 2 hungry adults and 1 5-year-old)
Fish pie mix
Frozen king prawns
4 hard-boiled eggs
Mashed potato (quantity depending on how hungry you are, I used about 2lb potatoes and a dash of milk)
1 heaped tbsp corn flour
3/4 pint milk
2 oz grated mature cheddar  View Post

Last week I had no internet. So no craft blogging for me. But instead I found that I was still sharing ideas just as much, but this time verbally. I introduced a friend to Pinterest. Did a group order for some gorgeous fabric. Set up a craft group at work. It was my birthday and one friend sent me a gorgeous handmade card, another bought me a book on quilting. I was one happy lady. While at work I discovered a friend could access PicMonkey on her computer while I couldn’t. I love picmonkey, she had never heard of it. This is the tutorial I gave her on how to make some cute Christmas pictures that you can use to make personalised Christmas cards for the grandparents. She is now a picmonkey convert too so I’m hoping this will help someone else too, for the people out there that I don’t bump into over a cup of tea.

1) Choose your picture. I took this picture of my son on my phone. It’s cute (because he is cute) but it’s not that Christmassy and you can’t see him that well




2) Go to PicMonkey and choose the ‘edit a photo’ option. Add your photo. Because this picture seems a bit big to me I then chose to ‘crop’ it and clicked the button to scale the photo



3) Next click on the effects button (a little chemistry pot) Choose an effect you like, I’ve chosen Intrepid because I think it gives it a nice vintage look without being too over the top (don’t worry, I’ll do over the top in a minute)  View Post