Bronco stew, you ask, what is that? Well, my husband’s named this bronco stew because it’s very loosely based on a Rick Stein recipe for Bullfighters Stew. The husband made it so he gets to name it, I think that’s fair enough.

By the time we get to the weekend I’m always more than ready to pop something into the slow cooker, my basic mantra being cook when you have the energy, eat when you’ve run out of energy. This recipe is also pretty typical for round here in that it includes large amounts of wine and tastes all the better if you drink some more when you eat it (yes, I do insist!). Its Sunday, lets all chill out a bit more. Cook this now, then put an old film on and put your feet up, and make sure you have a bottle of red in for later to eke the last bits of pleasure out of the weekend.  View Post

Dear Santa,

This will be the third year in a row I’ve asked you for something. I’ve not been greedy. I’ve not asked for anything expensive. In fact Santa, I’ve asked you for the same thing for each of these three years now. Sleep. Santa, where is my sleep?!

Because you know what Santa, I’m starting to think it can only be down to one of two things now, either one, you don’t exist (and I don’t like that option much) or two, you actually don’t care much for me. And I don’t like that option particularly either.

It’s not like I haven’t been well behaved either. I’ve been writing this blog since March now Santa and not once have I said a full swear word on here, yeah there’s been a few ‘bliddys’ maybe even an ‘ruddy’ but no full swear words. And Santa, you know how hard that’s been for me, because you know that outside of blogland I have an outstanding line in swearwords, dirty jokes and rude comments.  It’s been hard Santa, but I’m trying to be good, y’know.  View Post

Bolstered by the news of having sold some jewelery I’d made, a couple of weeks ago I set up a shop on etsy. That weekend I told my father-in-law. ‘Oh, that’s good’ he said, ‘that way people on your blog can see it’

‘Umm’ says I, ‘I haven’t linked it to my blog.’ Cue father-in-law looking at me a little like I am a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. So now I have updated my blog and made nicer and added a link to my ‘small but soon to grow’ shop I thought I would do a competition for an annealed copper bracelet to kick things of and celebrate getting things set up! This bracelet is handmade by me and is one that I regularly get compliments on, it really does go with everything. I’ve sold these bracelets to friends previously and have seen a few people re-pin it on pinterest, this was one of the reasons I thought I ought to get a shop set up!  View Post

As Frank Sinatra sang, and now, the end is near, and so we face the final curtain. Or in my case,  my mum needs to make some curtains, which means she is VERY VERY UNFAIRLY taking her own sewing machine back to her own house. How unreasonable is that? I’ve only had it for about five months, and umm, she’s said I can have it again afterwards. Oh. Well anyway, the soon to be tragic loss of the sewing machine meant that I had to finally crack on with the sewing tasks I’d popped onto my autumn bucket list and as it’s gone absolutely stupidly cold these last few days there was no better reason to get the draft excluder made.

The material is two parts Lotta Jansdotter who I am slightly obsessed with. In a different life, I would have a house full of girly pink Cath Kidston and Amy Butler fabrics, however I do live with the husband and I’m not a fan of encouraging men to live in houses full of flowery stuff. Call me old fashioned but did anyone ever get laid in a house full of Amy Butler stuff?!? I await the comments on that one!! These prints seemed husband friendly, although why I have put white cotton next to the door in a house with a toddler is obviously another question for another day.  View Post

Pretty, isn’t it? I saw something similar a little while ago and thought, ‘hmm! I could make that!’ which is one of the lovely things about being able to get in the workshop. For a moment there was the pause, ‘but someone else made something like this, is it wrong to try and copy their idea?’ then I thought, umm, it looks pretty? And I’d like one? Mentally I’m likening this to doing my own version of a Jackson Pollock or something, I hope the craft moralists will say that’s ok!  View Post