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4th July Crafts for Kids: Paper Plate Flag

This super cute 4th July craft for kids is super easy to make and looks fantastic too. What’s more this paper plate flag is made using only a few materials that you’re likely to have at home already and if not I’ve got a few suggestions for materials you could use instead. I’ve been sharing a few 4th July crafts recently for our readers in the US so make sure you check out the links at the end of this post too for more 4th of July crafts for kids and 16 more American flag crafts too!

4th of july craft paper plate

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Materials for your paper plate flag

Paper plates


Blue paint

Red paint



Foil stars

4th of july craft paper plate

How to make your paper plate flags

Start by painting the top left corner of your paper plate with the blue paint. It’s much easier to do the blue part of the flag before you attempt the stripes! We love using thick brushes for crafts like this, they make large areas much easier to paint and mistakes are much less noticeable!

paper plate flag 4th july

Next paint the red stripes on it – be careful that the two colours don’t mix!

paper plate craft flag 4th of july

Once the paint on your paper plate flags are dry you can stick on your foil stars. Don’t have any foil stars? No problem! Another great alternative would be to use white star stickers (which would be great for fine motor skills too.) These were actually our first choice but we couldn’t find any locally. Still can’t find either of those?! We love using these pens which are great for drawing on paint.

Once your paper plate flags are finished these would be great for decorating with – you could string some together to make a sweet homemade garland or you could use a hot glue gun and craft sticks to make them into fun flags that you can wave!

Want to make this craft? Make sure that you pin the image below so you don’t forget about it!

4th of july easy crafts for kids paper plate flag

More 4th of July and American Flag Crafts for Kids

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American flag crafts for kids red white and blue

We’ve also rounded up our favourite cute and easy 4th of July crafts from around the internet so you don’t need to hunt them out! Just check out our favourite 4th of July crafts for kids here.

4th july crafts for kids



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