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hadleigh farm CollageLiving in deepest, darkest, estuary Essex it can be hard to imagine much countryside around here. Sure, we have the seaside, which I am eternally grateful for, but having grown up on the other side of the Thames with fairly easy access to fields I like to be able to take my son out to somewhere where he can run around in a field and see some ‘proper countryside stuff’.  View Post

kids grow wild 4I am a rubbish gardener. It’s not for want of trying, over the years I’ve attempted tomatoes, peppers, aubergines and chilli’s at home and I even used to have a landshare in someone else’s garden where I (attempted) potatoes, sweetcorn and a whole host of other things. But the snails… and the weeding…and oh, if I’m honest what I really like to do in the garden is sit on my behind in the sun. Preferably with a large glass of wine and a magnum. Work, as Morrissey wold say, is a four letter word.

Sunshine, wine and sitting on my bottom don’t seem to be that conducive though to any of the other things in my life, namely pregnancy, a toddler and the ‘was that it last week?’ British Summertime. However, the toddler has been showing a unhealthy interest in gardening toys (I blame Mr Bloom) and after weeks of trying to put him off healthy outdoor pursuits I caved in when I saw that BritMums were giving away kids gardening kits to review.  View Post

lace print earrings Using lace to print on silver is one of my current favourite things to do. I can’t seem to leave metal untouched, whether its in the lace printed necklaces I made before Christmas or the textured heart earrings I shared with you last week. What I love about these in particular is the juxtaposition of the light lace print, which is pretty feminine, with the triangular shape of the earrings which is way more fierce and reminds me of some of the things I’ve seen in fashion magazines recently. Is fierce a word you should attribute to silver jewellery? Who knows, I must be having a Rihanna moment or something…  View Post

renovation1You may remember that recently I was made redundant,  it was ooohhh about the same week I got pregnant and instantly looked due in about a fortnight? And because I like to make things interesting for myself (gotta love a challenge!!) it was also the week that after months of negotiations with the council, we began work converting our garage into another room. By all accounts, financially, it was possibly not my best week ever.

I say this as background to explain then why three months later The Toddler is in his new shiny room what can fit a bed and his old room has…ummm….become a toot room. The garage was no more, where do we put things?! In his old room of course! But now enough is enough and I haven’t been able to face having a room that we pay part of our mortgage for but is filled with a Christmas Tree. In June. And so project Virginia Woolf was born.  View Post

textured silver earringsYep, three months. Actually, three months is possibly an underestimate, thankfully my memory is not what it used to be.

These were the first pair of earrings I tried to make at home. Husband and toddler out, a bit of time to myself. Time for silversmithing, life is easy. Life, though, has also been a bit knackering of late. And while I managed to get these cut, hammered and filed while the boys were out, I didn’t managed to get the earring backs soldered on. But it was ok, I’d do those when The Toddler went to bed.

Hmm!  View Post