I thought it might be a nice idea to share some of my favourite Christmas reading ideas for toddlers and children over the next couple of weeks. As someone who used to have their own second hand book business I’m understandably passionate about reading, although these days The Toddler has far more books than me and The Husband combined! I obviously need to up my game…

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When I started this blog my idea was to share craft projects that normal, busy people can do, you know, people that don’t have the time to spend all weekend working on a project because actually they’re a bit busy with everything else. My idea was that most things could be done between putting your child to bed and having dinner. Which was great! And then child number two came along and suddenly, that spare bit of time has now been changed to the few minutes between taking the elder one to playgroup, putting a clothes wash on and changing the youngest’s clothes again. But I still really want to do something so these spray painted ornaments should hopefully be something that everyone can fit into those fleeting moments.

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I love DIY presents and I think more and more people are feeling the same, what’s nicer than receiving a handmade gift? Thankfully my guest poster today Hannah is on hand with five fantastic DIY presents that you’ll love to make and others will love to get!

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I know!!! You may remember a little while ago I blogged about a furniture restoration business we were trying to set up through The Husband’s work. The idea was to train people in new skills and raise some cash for the foodbank where he works. I was, to put it mildly, totally overwhelmed by the amount of support it got from you lovely people. Lovely comments, tweets, offers of help. We were visited by Lynne from The Make It Room  and Louisa from West Egg who helped train our volunteers. It was great.

The other week we sold our first dining table and chairs set through Ebay. If I’m honest, I was a bit nervous because you never quite know what feedback you’ll get but the new owner of it was so pleased with her purchase it totally gave us the impetus to carry on.

And then last week…

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Hello! I love upcycled stuff, mainly ummm, because I am a bit tight but also because I hate throwing stuff away (starts slight rant about landfill…) Vicky’s blog Vicky Myers Creations is one that I love because she is so passionate about using her sewing skills to create something new and gorgeous out of something that would otherwise be forgotten. I hope you love the tutorial she’s done for me today, do comment and let me know! And of course do check out her blog too and don’t forget to follow Vicky on twitter and on Pinterest too!

Hi, my name is Vicky – I am delighted to have this opportunity to guest blog for Kate. For the last 18 months I have been creating bags out of former clothes. I love the challenge of creating something new out of something old, responding to the fabric to see what I can create.

The ‘Valuing our clothes’ report from Wrap includes news that around 350,000 tonnes (31%) of used clothing out of a total of 1.13 million tonnes are sent to landfill. There are so many different uses for used clothing, reusing as clothing, recreating into new items – even actions as simple as your household cloths being used as, using as packaging.

Recently I was faced with the challenge of making a mans bag. My man is not a bag man, and my dad carries a Travel Men’s Leather Wrist Bag so no help there! The most popular mans bag seems to be a leather satchel/messenger bag, used in the work environment.

My customer liked my idea of creating a bag out of a man’s jacket, using the front collar for interest. I used his former messenger bag for measurements, utilised the strap, and raided my fabric stash (this included a great quality jacket and a work shirt).

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