Parenting is a funny old job that never fails to pull something out the bag to surprise you when you least expect it. Lets take this week. It’s Sunday night, the child is in bed, the husband and I are having a well earned glass of wine and, being super dooper efficient for the first time in ages, I have not only bought the ingredients for this weeks attempt to get my son to eat, but as per the instructions I am soaking the beans the night before in a super-smug way that I had previously thought was well out of reach for my normally haphazard existence.

Then the boy wakes up. Not good, I am busy drinking aforementioned Well Earned glass of wine. Child still awake. Go into see child. Child is then sick for the next three hours. My poor little boy who has never been sick before and who was so un-sicky as a child that my muslin clothes are still in the packet they were bought in. Parenting is all about being able to suck up the wild-cards, I spent the night sleeping on his floor.  View Post

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Friday was not a great day in the Crafts on Sea household. I’d had a shoddy week at work and was looking forward to a day off, but with the small thing continuing to wake up at stupid-o-clock he was stressed due to being over tired, I was stressed due to being over tired and then of course along comes the mummy guilt for not being 100% fun all day and not being to make the little fellow 100% happy.

And the weather was rubbish too.

So of course soup is the answer to a stressful day, a big warm hug in a bowl. Except I didn’t have any in the cupboard.

Soup has always struck me as one of those things that ‘other women’ make. You know the kind I mean. Tidy houses. Kids that don’t scream at you to watch cbeebies. People who do the gardening while wearing a Joules dress. It looks like a lot of effort for not that much gain. However, as quite often in the case, I was wrong.  View Post

I saw this website mentioned a little while ago by someone and thought I’d give it a go for Jacob. We live in Essex, my mum and sister live in Peterborough and my dad lives in Kent. Not the other end of the planet but still not quite close enough that you can pop in for a cup of tea without doing a weeks wages on petrol. These pictures seemed the perfect way to  do encourage a bit of creativity while helping to remind Jacob about all his family members and we did some of a recent holiday too – good times!  View Post

Feeling upbeat after lasts weeks huge success of the upcycled vintage prints, I thought I’d give this upcycling lark another go with these DIY dog toys. I am not a hippy mum, I never buy organic, I like driving my car and I don’t like lentils.  I do however have one big bug bear, landfill. Or more specifically stuff that is doomed to be landfill, promotional tat that I will never use no matter how ‘free’ you tell me it is. Is it on front of a magazine? Well I’d rather have a cheaper read thank you. Is it a tshirt that’s been given to me at the end of a race (I did used to run a lot, I know it’s hard to believe) well thanks but I’d rather have a flapjack. And for reasons that include not getting sacked I’m not even going to start on work related tat, although a friend of mine in the NHS seems to get new logoed up bags with alarming regularity.

DIY dog toy

So yes, I don’t like tat, I don’t like landfil and, if you want to give me something for free that’s boden with a B or champagne with a big straw please.  View Post