My name is Kate Williams and I am addicted to Pinterest.

I have no shame in this. It’s not something I want to change either, there’ll be no Pinterest Addicts Anonymous for me thank you very much. Nope, actually I want to feed my addiction and I’m hoping that you’ll help me.

tuesday tutorials

Next Tuesday I’ll be launching a great new linky Tuesday Tutorials with the help of my pinning partners in crime Anna from In the Playroom, Gude from Hodge Podge Craft and Anthea from Tales from Mount Pleasant. Tuesday Tutorials is the linky thats just for tutorial based posts and pins, whether you’ve done some cool crafting with your kids, sewn a fantastic skirt, created the most amazing recipe or worked out how to take great photos on your camera phone we want you to link up. If there’s instructions involved you’re in. View Post

The other day I was mentally berating myself a bit for not having made anything yet for Valentines day and I suddenly remembered, I have bunting! Go me! In fairness I made this a couple of years back, just before I started this blog and a very small, slightly dodgy picture of it made it’s way into one of my first ever posts about how to make super quick felt bunting, but I figure as that was nearly two years ago and basically only me and my mum saw the post, it might be ok to look at it again?! After all, it is nearly Valentines Day, who doesn’t want some quick Valentines bunting?!

Easy Valentines Bunting View Post

So, you may or may not know about my the Team Honk Relay, a group of around a hundred of this country’s foxiest bloggers carrying a baton from Lands End to John O’Groats in aid of Sport Relief. This weekend the baton will be making its way from my hometown of Gravesend, to my current home of Southend and then off to glorious Chelmsford where I used to work. I’m on a sick note after my disaster trying to run. Sorry about that. Anyway I’m not going to tell you why you should give money to Sport Relief. You know about Sport Relief and Comic Relief already right? But I’m going to tell you why you should open your wallet now and help these ladies out, it’s because you’re going to do it anyway.  View Post

So, it’s three weeks into the New Year which means we’re all pretty much over our New Years resolutions, right?!

I’m doing… average. The Husband runs personal development courses at his work so I know that one of the main things to keep yourself on track with your goals is to keep them realistic. As such, officially I have not told myself that this will be the year that I go on a hot date with James McAvoy, go on holiday to Barbados, become Prime Minister or get offered a six figure book deal. I wouldn’t turn any of them down, mind you (hey, I *might* even accept a five figure book deal) but I’m not going to cry if I don’t get to go to Barbados this year.

Lloyds make things happen

For me, having goals is all about being realistic, allowing yourself to change and most importantly, having some fun while you do it! Because who wants to be miserable? I was asked to try out the Make It Happen app on from Lloyds Bank and I have to say I really liked it. You can choose what your plan is and for mine I choose to do up my kitchen. It’s not awful but its just a bit…..boring. I’m sure a couple of little DIY craft projects could make it much nicer! What I liked though was that rather than just saying ‘go do it then’, the app then gives you some ideas, so in my case some hints from Sarah Beeny and, bliss, links to ideas on Pinterest.

Of course I had loads of other plans for the year. Plan number one was to lose all my baby weight by February and then do a shiny new profile picture of super slim and foxy post-baby me. I went running, or at least jog / walking. I did the 30 Day Shred. I totally did my body in so that the area around my c-section now aches like it did two weeks after surgery and pushing the buggy down the road hurts. Oops. Not so realistic. View Post

Since I learnt how to make cushions myself I’ve been loathe to buy any in the shops (and if you don’t know how to make cushion covers, check out my tutorial here, it’s dead easy.) The other day I came across a cloud shaped cushion and I wondered if I could make one myself. A bit of faffing, a ponder over a glass of wine and ta-da! It was done, so I thought I would share this cloud cushion tutorial so you can make one too!

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