mumsnet downing streetBit of a juxtaposition there, eh?

So, on Tuesday night I was invited by the lovely people at Mumsnet to attend a function up in London to find out a bit more about the charity Railway Children and to consume my own weight in cocktail sausages at no.10 Downing Street at a do hosted by Samantha Cameron.

I posted back in December about Railway Children who are a charity who try and support young people who have run away from home or, preferably, prevent them doing so in the first place. I’ve never run away from home and with my son only being two, it’s thankfully not been an issue that has impacted my own life too much. However, as The Husband runs the local foodbank/ homeless drop in centre / sometimes night shelter / anything else it needs to be, I have quite a bit of understanding about what can happen when people become homeless, and it’s really, really not nice and really not the kind of thing that I would wish on anyone. Certainly not a child. And people do prey on the homeless, particularly on homeless and vulnerable children in a way that makes my stomach turn. Not nice stuff, but true all the same.

So, after the typical Kate style panics: will the Cameron’s have the heating on high enough or will I need to take a thick cardie? (It was fine) Will it be one of those houses where you have to take off your shoes when you go in? (No, although it would have been ace if it was) Will I get lost finding it? (Obviously) I was on my way.  View Post


I fancied making something to celebrate Easter but couldn’t really justify spending lots of money on it. Then I remembered that I still had my wreath from Christmas and hurrah! A plan was formed.

DIY thrifty easter wreathWhat with being a bit thrifty and trying to use things I already owned this shabby chic Easter wreath cost me about two quid. Here’s how you can make one too.

You will need:

One pre-made wreath. Mine was kindly given by my friend Louise, she bought them originally on eBay though. You can also buy polystyrene ones in fabric shops and if you’re a bit careful you can use them again and again!

Some fabric. I found some pale blue fabric that I’d obviously bought with a plan in mind, however it has since been sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe so this was a good excuse to make room for some more. View Post


I know! Being a stay at home mum is treating me very badly, right?! And to think there are people that go to work because they worry that otherwise their brains will turn to mush, well not me sir, nope, nu-uh. Because since becoming a sahm I have learnt the 4:4:4:2 method and that was never written into my my yearly targets before now. One somewhat wonders what I used got do all day? (Don’t answer that.)

lemon fairy cakes


The 4:4:4:2 method, for the uninitiated is View Post


I have never been a shoe person. This is, I would imagine, at least in part to the fact that I have wide size 8 feet an most shoes don’t fit me. In all honestly I have been shoe shopping previously and played spot the fella buying heels such as my shoe size contemporaries seem to be. But handbags? Well, handbags are a different matter and are a thing of wonder and much coveting.

wealdhandmade Somehow, through the magical world of twitter I came across Sarah who runs Weald Handmade, living about two miles down the road and handmaking gorgeous leather handbags that were the talk of the stitch-in I ran the other week. You know I’m a sucker for local things and handmade things and now you know I’m a sucker for a nice bag too. I had loads of questions I wanted to ask Sarah and I thought they might interest you too. Enjoy, and try not to dribble on the pictures of the bags.

1) Ok, so I know you make bags, but I also know that you make tables and I think that you’re at the very least a little bit involved in Barlow and Fields (cafe in Leigh on Sea) and then I saw somewhere that you’re a law graduate?! Is it possible to give a brief run down of what it is you do?! You’re not secretly superwoman are you?!  View Post


I was, like most people, utterly shocked by the news that Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp a couple of days ago. It’s a terrible tragedy, no matter what way you look at it. What really shocked me though was the level of support that Pistorius has received.

It’s one of those things you see about on the news and you think ‘oh, yeah, whatev’s, I’m sure that’s just the theoretical ‘some people must support him’ But then there it is on the BBC news site:

“For me it’s very tragic, I don’t know what side of the story is actually true,” a male supporter in Johannesburg told the BBC. “Even if it turns out to be true I don’t think I’ll be able to believe it.”

What?! Even if someone is sent to jail for pre-meditated murder, for planning to murder someone and then doing it and a court has found them guilty you won’t be able to believe it? Why?!

It’s like there is a belief somewhere sat in the back of our brains that murderers, rapists and people who abuse their partners will have a shaven head and ‘scumbag’ tattooed on their forehead. One in three women are abused by their partner. That either mean there’s a couple of blokes looking like Eastenders extras who go out with hundreds and hundreds of women and beat each of them up, or actually, a sizable percentage of the male population are abusers. A quick look at Dr Google suggests that’s 22% of men. No one is stupid enough to go out with the guy with the ‘scumbag’ tattoo, these men look just like normal blokes.  View Post