the uncheshire wifeMorning! Or evening, hello anyway. Today’s guest post is courtesy of The UnCheshire Wife, her lovely blog contains bits about her family life as well as poetry, which she’s been kind enough to share with me. I also love the fact that as I write this her current about me states that she will be lunching and brunching more to get more of a Cheshire Wife status, if you’ve ever been to Cheshire I’m sure you will appreciate this too!

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I’ve been reading

Crafts on Sea

and it has inspired me

to paint a chest of orange pine

into an item so divine

my hard work will be worthwhile

when it’s glammed up Cath Kidston style

as painted hearts hang from chic knobs

in creams and palest blues

encouraging us to restore wrecks

to something we will use

So I’m off to start my project

and when I return you’ll see

my sanded, painted,revamped pine

and a really knackered me.

I’m so thankful to be able to share this guest post with you today from Gude. She is genuinely one of my favourite craft bloggers, whose blog I found when I guest edited the Mumsnet Craft Blogs Round Up. A couple of months later and I discovered (spooky music alert) that she is actually a friend from my teenage days (should have guessed that as her twitter profile is a picture of her drinking. Obviously we went to a school where we learnt all the important stuff!) I’m always in need of some hints on how to encouage a picky toddler to eat so I’ll be trying all of these ideas out soon, especially the dinosaur sandwich cutters which I am in love with! Anyway, here’s Gude…

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hello baby!

So, after 9 months of pregnancy knackereds, feeling ropey and being pretty much chained to the sofa inhaling cake, I’m pleased to finally be able to say here’s Iris. View Post

I know, I know, but once I thought of that title I had to write this post. I have the sense of humour of a small child. Sorry about that.

So, a couple of weeks ago I blogged about going fruit picking at the local Pick Your Own farm which I discovered in Benfleet. We picked all kinds of lovely things and I made a red currant and apple tart and meant to blog it but umm… it kind of got eaten before I remembered to take any photos. Oops!

So this weekend we went along again, my Uggs saturated by the dew in the autumn fields, The Toddler now used to helping himself to plums, the lovely owners letting him climb on their quad bike. More fruit to be picked, eaten and, despite the nights now closing in way earlier than I’d like, photographed.

So this is my Pick Your Own Tart. Because once you think of a name like that, really, why bother thinking of another one?

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Kids Capture The Colour

I am not The World’s Best Ever Parent (TM) I know this to be a fact and not merely a self-deprecating sympathy request because until The Toddler started play group three weeks ago he knew a grand total of two nursery rhymes. He did however sing ‘we’re going down the shops’ to the tune of Sham 69’s We’re Going Down the Pub. So high quality rock and roll parenting perhaps, but possibly not quite the one to get me a book deal or invited onto Channel 4 to share my recommendations to other parents.

I say this as background to the Kids Capture the Colour competition which Travel Supermarket are running. Yes, it’s open to children aged under 15 so arguably my two year old is not likely to win when set against the skills of someone doing their Art GCSE, but hey! They were giving away cameras to the kids that took part (better than my own I hasten to add, The Toddler may umm.. be doing a swapsie with mummy) and it also gave me the opportunity to be one of those mums who does loads of creative arty educational stuff with their kids. And The Toddler does like playing with cameras and who am I to tell him “No, no, no, that’s mummies please don’t break it or throw it down there!” in a high pitched voice. No. It’s all about letting him make his own discoveries round here. View Post