love and kindness and sweetsHappy Valentines Day. Always a funny one. Single and it makes you feel more uncomfortable than seems fair on a day when you would otherwise have no need to, coupled up and you feel the weight of expectation. You ‘must’ at least get a card. Even though Saint Valentine means little to you.

But fear not, because I have the thing for you! I have a nice kind act of love, or at least potentially of sweets, which is a form of love in my book anyway.

We talk a lot about giving round ours. Normally on a Friday after a few drinks. When your husband manages a foodbank its not surprising that the topic comes up every now and again, often with a roll of the eyes from me about the whole ‘everyone has to be referred and proved to be deserving’ thing which simply isn’t the case everywhere. I don’t think anyone should have to go on bended knee to make the case for needing stuff, if you need it, it’s yours.  Personally I don’t give loads away,  but I do think its nice to give. It makes you happy. And of course I think it’s nice to receive stuff too. Hey, I’m a consumerist, I like stuff and that makes me happy!

So during the week I saw that Nell from The Pigeon Pair and Me is giving away gifts to the first five people to comment on her blog saying they were in and I figured I’d like to join in. The official bit is: View Post

smoothie ice lollies

Every now and again I think ‘Is this worth posting? Should I even mention this?’ But with stuff like this I think you know what? If it helps out one parent who’s having issues getting food down their child’s neck then it’s worth doing! So lets post it! View Post

Well last week went very well didn’t it?! I was beyond happy to see 36 posts linked up to Tuesday Tutorials last week, I hope everyone enjoyed it, that it shared a bit of inspiration and that it’s getting that extra bit of traffic to everyone’s blogs!

Before we crack on with this weeks linky I’d like to share some of my favourites from last week and I thought there were some brilliant sewing tutorials on there I’d like to try out.

imstudiolouThese fabric baskets from I’m Studio Lou look so simple to make I’m going to have to try them! View Post

In the time that I’ve been blogging I know that my blog photography has improved dramatically. Is it brilliant yet? Well, it’s getting better and that’s got to be a good thing! I’m always on the hunt for some blog photography inspiration so I thought I would share my current favourites with you!

blog phototography inspiration View Post

Welcome to the first Tuesday Tutorials Pin Party! I’m so excited about starting this today and I’m really hoping to see lots of people join in.

The premise is this, I love Pinterest. I love being inspired by it, learning new things from it and also that it is one of the largest routes for people to find my blog. It continues to introduce people to he tutorials I’ve written for months after I’ve posted them on there without me doing any extra leg work. Bonus. So with my pinning partners in crime Anna from In the Playroom, Gude from Hodge Podge Craft and Anthea from Tales from Mount Pleasant we are starting the new Tuesday Tutorials Pin Party to help you share those great tutorials you’ve been writing. Crafts, recipies, how to make blog buttons, whatever you’ve written instructions on we want to share it with the world! Each week we’ll be pinning all the entries to the linky onto our Tuesday Tutorials Pin Party Pinterest board and sharing our favorites from the last week as well as tweeting our favorites on the #pintorials hash tag. View Post