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I saw this website mentioned a little while ago by someone and thought I’d give it a go for Jacob. We live in Essex, my mum and sister live in Peterborough and my dad lives in Kent. Not the other end of the planet but still not quite close enough that you can pop in for a cup of tea without doing a weeks wages on petrol. These pictures seemed the perfect way to  do encourage a bit of creativity while helping to remind Jacob about all his family members and we did some of a recent holiday too – good times!  View Post

So, by all accounts I’ve been a bit lazy recently with doing these. Reasons? Well, there’s always an excuse isn’t there? Going on holiday, Jacob refusing to sleep past 5am meaning that I’m knackered (and living on a diet of mochas and beroccas, now there’s a good blog title for someone!) and eating out a bit, which if I’m perfectly honest I prefer to cooking. You prefer cooking? Meh, your loss.

I also have bloggers guilt. Quite a few people have sent me recipes and I haven’t got round to trying them yet which I feel bad about. Case in point is Rachel from A Discount Ticket to Everywhere who has sent me the recipe for a fish pie. And I love fish pie! And I used to make it quite a bit! But every time I buy the ingredients I then have a mocha and berocca day and it turns into pasta instead. Oops. Anyway, thankfully Rachel is a good sort so has in the meantime has sent me another recipe, being this one for a tuna bolognese bake. Not only is it easy (its pasta! I can cook pasta!) but it included everything that I already had in the flat which meant that when we had friends due over I was able to prepare this guilt free while Jacob had a  nap. The instructions are as follows: View Post

So, in a former life (which for obvious reasons, we’ll refer to as pre-child) I was a second hand book dealer. Actually I’m amazed I haven’t mentioned that until now, it’s the exactly the kind of thing that sounds cool enough that I should be showing off about it. Only, like many jobs that sound cool on paper, the reality isn’t all that great. Imagine if you will a cold and rainy afternoon while you hunt around in a garage down an alleyway for a book that’s gone walk-abouts or one which a delightful customer has asked a million questions about but then won’t buy. Hmm. And this is why I am an ex-book dealer.

Anyway I digress, the point I am slowly reaching is that I love books. Not just to read but I do still have an eye for a nice plate or coloured edges. Books which are aesthetically pleasing. I suppose this is quite a common thing, why do most of us keep our books on show in a way we never would with old copies of The Times when I’m sure the content could be just as interesting?

Digressing again aren’t I?

So anyway, a little while ago I saw some prints on Etsy which had images printed onto dictionary paper and these rather appealed to me, but at a fiver a pop (reasonable) plus postage from the US (hmmm) I thought I’d leave it. Then I saw some similar ones on Not On The High Street and they were fifty five quid (fifty five quid!!) and I thought hmmmmmmm….. bet I could do that.  View Post

So, this was the situation at Casa Crafts on Sea last Friday.

Me: I’m making a sausage casserole for dinner

Beloved husband: Argh! Stop making me eat food that you’re really just making for the kids! It’s Friday! I don’t want a casserole I want a kebab!

Me: Oh.

Admittedly my response was less polite than ‘oh’, but you get the idea. View Post

So then, feeling vaguely pleased with the results of trying to feed Jacob eggy bread this weekend, I thought I’d give another of Recipe Junkie’s kindly donated recipes a go. I’m sure for reasons of blogging I should probably have shared this round different people a bit more, but hey ho its my blog and regular readers will know that I’m generally not that bothered about doing what your supposed to do.

So anyway, the ingredients were bought, and Sunday was planned as the day, because on Sunday’s John goes to church and I stay at home and do silent sunday clean the house and make food and do housewifey things while Jacob sleeps. Good plan, thinks I! View Post