I’m not going to lie to you, I am well chuffed with this. Yep, that’s right, rather than a thinky blog, a moany blog or a slightly staring at my navel while thinking about wine blog its a ‘hey, check me out!’ blog. Be honest though, you’d be pleased too, right?

I like thick, chunky statement jewellery, something that people will notice. Hey, if I’m going to spend money on it or make it myself then I don’t want something that nobody will see and I’ll forget I’m even wearing it. And I made it myself! Who’d have thought it, eh?

The bracelet is copper that’s been annealed, which to the uninitiated (ie me, a couple of weeks back) basically means whacking a bit of copper with a hammer and then going slightly mental at it with a blow torch. And then doing it again and again. Heaven!

Having removed all your stress onto a piece of metal you then open the bracelet up and POW! Where your dull copper was is now bright pinks and oranges, colours born out of the darkness. It reminds me of the northern lights, of seeing unexpected colours where they shouldn’t be, or maybe of letting my son go crazy with the crayolas. My brother in law and soon to be sister in law are getting married this weekend, it may be getting an outing then.


So, last week I was in Wales. And you are correct to feel totally jealous at this, who knew it would be so nice? It’s like Cornwall but without all the overpriced tourist stuff, fantastic! Anyway, as part of the grand tour we visited Ye Olde Worlde tea Rooms, otherwise known as Aunty Vi’s. Basically, it’s Vi’s gaff and you ask her, or one of her relatives for some cake, and then they bring you out some cake. Hang on. I haven’t sold that as well as I should do have I? Lets start again.

This is Aunty Vi’s gaff

Nice huh? And along you wander to her front door where there is a door bell. ‘Ring for service’. Ding Ding! And then out pops a woman, quite obviously from the front room where they are watching Countdown or something else fabulous that I would like to spend all day in front of.

“Hello, do you know what you want?”

“Umm…not yet”

“Ok, well ring the bell when you do know” and off she pops again to see what Carol Vorderman’s up too.

Trying to force feed the child cake. Normal levels of parenting skills here.

I love this on so many levels. One the, hey, I’m busy trying to watch tele, please don’t bother me aspect, then the fact that you just sit in their front garden, not even in the house because this is their house you know and they are busy doing stuff, that they don’t have highchairs (which I suspect is because they don’t want to encourage children like mine who kicked off) and of course a doorbell that you ring to get cake?! Ring for cake?! HELL YES!!! I have only seen this beaten by a restaurant in London which has a ‘ring for Champagne’ button. How could you not ring?! Its like the real life ‘eat me’ moment in Alice in Wonderland and lord knows I never knowingly turn down cake or champagne. Reader, I’m not going to lie to you, I had three cakes.

All this got me thinking though, Aunty Vi is in her 80’s and its still her business. Can you imagine doing your job at 80? I think contractually I can’t comment on my desire to do my job at 80 but you can probably get my point. So what else? Because unfortunately we do all die at some stage and I’m a great believer in the concept that no one lies on their death bed wishing they’d spent more time in the office, but likewise we all have gas, electricity and the occasional afternoon tea with 3 cakes to pay for.

Birds, also on a cake frenzy

So if you’re not doing your dream job, the one where you make homemade cakes all day, hang out with your family and watch countdown, do try and set the wheels in motion for what you want to do because we all have a story of someone we know that it’s passed to quickly for. I don’t know what my job at 80 is, I’m loving silversmithng and love the idea of playing with a blow-torch at 80 in my normal irresponsible way, I enjoy sewing but can’t see that ever paying the bills and of course, I do write, which I always forget is the hobby I’ve had forever.

Whatever you’re up to today, enjoy it, and always ring the bell for more.


Regular readers may have noticed my mild (ok, major) stress out the other week, caused mainly by a continued lack of sleep. And as a quick aside, if you’re not a regular reader, there’s all sorts of twitter / facebook / email loveliness to your right there, why not cheer my day up?! Anyway… so it was with great excitement that I had last weekend booked in as overnight babysitting for JacobĀ  at the in-laws so John and I could go to the Leigh Folk Festival. There would be drinking! Dancing! Merriment! And most importantly – sleep! Hallelujah!!

The Leigh Folk Festival is the biggest free folk festival in Europe and it is brilliant, loads of bands, all stages near a bar, next to the estuary so you have a nice view of the fishing boats. Sometimes there is even half decent weather too. So this is an event that deserved something nice to wear to it, and so in my silversmithing class I made these silver folk heart earrings.

I wanted to make something that looked organic and folky, like it had been made by a real person not by a machine on the other side of the world.

I’m pretty pleased with them too! The design may (ahem) not be quite as I planned, the lesson learnt here being that if you are using a hammer to hit something perhaps you ought to look at what you’re doing? But I kind of like them more for that, nothing I’ve bought in Top Shop ever had the unique ‘oops!’ bit that these do!

As it turned out, our night out was not to be. Johns parents called with the news that they’d been to visit his uncle and, not realising he had infantigo, had kissed him goodbye. Its horribly contagious. We couldn’t take the risk of leaving Jacob with them if there was any chance he’d catch it and so, my first chance of a sleep in for a couple of months was cancelled. It happens. And to his credit, Jacob was a total star and slept in until 6.40 (good boy!!).

So these are my silver folk heart earrings and that is the story of the night out that wasn’t. One of many things we do in the name of our kids. I still have the earrings though and they look pretty cool, I’m a happy lady.