pinitfwd_final_150 3 I’m going to be straight with you here, I am totally loving Pinterest at the moment. Totally. Whenever I feel like my creativity and productivity has dripped down the back of the sofa and I’ll never manage to make anything again, there’s always something you can find in the first couple of minutes browsing that makes you think ‘Ooh! I could do something like that!’ Or I’ll have a look at one of my boards that I’d umm…totally forgotten about (hey, I am being honest with you!) and remember an idea I had that got lost in the mists of time (ie wine cloud, sleep deprivation or baby brain. I think that covers my life for the last couple of years?!) and I’m ready to get started again. Also, in a totally self interested blogging way, it does help get readers to your blog. Everyone’s a winner, baby, that’s the truth*.  View Post

stag cushion diy (1)I know, I’m having somewhat of a sewing renaissance here at the moment. The idea for this stags head cushion tutorial came to me the other day and I knew straight away that I had to make it!

You can view this tutorial in one of two ways, if you follow just the instructions fom making an envelope cushion and ignore all the stag bits then I promise, even as a beginner you can get this done in under an hour. The instructions come from what I learnt at The Make It Room the other week and my first attempt was done in no time at all. If you want to do the stag too it will probably take you about an hour and a half. I did mean to time it but…umm…I met up with the family and had lunch in the middle so kinda forgot. Sorry about that. The instructions are as follows. View Post

the-liebster-awardA week or so ago I got tagged in a Leibster Award meme by Ruth who writes The Polished Button. If you haven’t visited her site before go now! Honestly do go it is fabulous, vintage inspired sewing, lovely shop selling stuff you’d like to buy and refashioning of old and second hand clothes. Ruth is probably the kind of blogger I would like to be if I didn’t witter on about burning stuff and Things What Go Wrong so I was very pleased that she tagged me! So these are the questions Ruth set me and my answers…

1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

I started in March 2012. the Husband was starting a blog at the time and I needed something to get me off my backside and do more rather than moaning about all the stuff I wasn’t doing. I think it’s been pretty successful at that?!  View Post

Upcycled tea towel DIYSo, after an epic amount of procrastination, last night was to be the night that I did some sewing. Child in bed. Husband out. Embellished cushion covers to be made so cushions measured, template created, even the iron was at the ready. And then of course once The Toddler was in bed I realised I’d left the fabric in his room. Or somewhere like that anyway. Hmm.

Not to be deterred (it having taken weeks to get the sewing machine out after all) I then had a quick panic about what I could make, especially due to the mild no fabric issue. Then I remembered two things; one, while baking that afternoon The Toddler had got his top totally covered in cake mixture, two, while trying to be a domestic goddess earlier last week by cooking a mid week roast dinner, I had set fire to the brand new Emma Bridgewater tea towel that Mumma Craftsonsea had sent me. Normal levels of domesticity resumed there then. So rather than throw away my lovely new towel I thought I would try and up cycle it into an tea towel apron for The Toddler. The whole thing was done in less than an hour and that includes me making up a pattern, so with a bit of foresight I think this could be done in 30 minutes easily. Here’s how I did it.  View Post

satchel in progessMore and more I find myself at the moment with a huge list of things I want to do, and as the list gets longer and longer the less I seem able to get anything done. Tired. A bit overwhelmed. With a small child that doesn’t want to go to sleep and a house with melted ice lollies ground into the flooring.

Then a few days ago I saw a post on Facebook, I think it was from Craft Blog UK but apologies if I’ve got that wrong. Anyway, it said to take ten minutes every day to do something creative. At the time I thought something along the lines of ‘humph’ and forgot about it, but as the week progressed I thought more about it.  View Post