Not much normally. Normally I have to have a chat with the girls, break at least 3 saw blades, mutter a few obscenities under my breath and cue cue cue to get some soldering done. There’s nothing like the last class of term to get you focused though so here’s what I did in two hours.

After the hammered necklace I made previously my mum commented on it looking nice, so that was her Christmas pressie planned! I’d been wanting to try out using a roller for ages and this texture was done with some lace. I’m really pleased with it and (phew) she is too. A bit of polishing and the shine on it is lovely and the patten shows really well.

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So, here’s the deal, as a soon to be unemployed fundraiser I have a soft spot for a good cause. I also have a big ol’ soft spot for my squishy son which is why the following facts rather disconcern me:

” A child runs away from home or care every five minutes in the UK. In a recent survey, one in 11 teenagers aged 14 to 16 admitted to having run away overnight at some stage in their life. This can happen to anyone, with as many children running away from affluent homes as from low-income households.” (From MumsnetView Post

Mince Pies.

I have always bought them. My friend Rachel makes them.

“Too much effort!” I say. “Oh no,” says Rachel, “I just buy some pastry and the mincemeat and make them like that.”

She is right, of course. They are lovely. My house smells fantastic and I feel remarkably full of seasonal cheer. (Especially for someone who hasn’t done anything to prepare for tomorrow yet!)

Have a lovely Christmas everyone x

Last year for Christmas I handmade a felt bird ornament. I was really pleased with it, it took me about an hour though. Even the husband liked it. “That’s great, can you do enough to cover the tree?”

Umm… no.

So this year I planned on being a bit more organised and doing a bit more, but strangely when December came round I had not magically metamorphosised into another, more well planned person. I was still me which means that everything will be slightly last minute, slightly panicked and normally with a couple of choice words thrown in when I realise I don’t have everything I needed. (Ginger for gingerbread? Oh…) I have however, despite all this managed to make a few things this year and as I was so very pleased with myself I feel morally obliged to share them.

These lovelies are courtesy of this recipe over on mumsnet. They are lovely, right? And even better is that I can eat them all, which is rather handy when your friends pop over and you realise that you are out of cake. (Yes, that’s also disorganised me earlier this week) A word to the wise though. Gingerbread needs ginger, do double check.  View Post

I’ve been wanting to join in on the Pinaddicts Challenge for ages, basically (as far as I can work out), you find something lush on Pinterest, pin it, try and re-make it yourself and then hopefully feel a bit smug. I mean, look at what other people have created, while basking in the warm glow of handmade loveliness. I think that’s it anyway! If not I’m sure someone will shove the rulebook in my direction shortly! So here’s what I pinned

Image and idea

It’s gorgeous, right? Because who wouldn’t want a homemade snowglobe? Especially one that’s made out of old jam jars? Why, that makes it count as upcycling too which mean you can feel mega virtuous! The instructions on making it are over here.

So, this is where the confession starts. I have made one, it is lush. However, crikey did version number one take me ages! For some reason I decided that it required icing sugar (it doesn’t, don’t do this) and I don’t have a hot glue gun so I used superglue instead. Would the superglue work? Would it heck. And impatient old me decided to not really bother waiting for it to dry anyway. Then I decided to try it with glitter and water. Now if you try this you need to totally fill your jam jar with water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid otherwise your glitter will be all cloggy. Here’s how this looked  View Post