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With the sun finally making a return it’s that time of year when we all start to plan more family days out and holidays – after all you have to make the most of the good weather while we have it! As a family we love spending time together outdoors so today I’m really pleased to be working with Experience Freedom to share some information about their  Cyclefest which is coming to Sledmere on May 27th. In my previous role before blogging took over I used to work getting people involved in sport and helped get funding for the Olympic Mountain Biking venue for the 2012 Olympics so as you can imagine this is a subject quite close to my heart! I’m also sharing the chance for you to win a pair of tickets to the Cyclefest at Sledmore and the National plus find out about an amazing competition to win a family cycling holiday in France.

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It’s been nearly two years since we moved to Cornwall from Essex and I can say hand on heart that it’s been one of the best decisions we ever made. Being able to pop to a quiet beach today with the kids as soon as the sun came out was fantastic, my husband and I often laugh because we’ve been asked so many times why we moved here but in our opinion all you have to do is look around and it’s kind of obvious! Before we moved we got asked lots of questions about how we’d cope with different issues but I don’t think I really knew any of the answers until we’d actually lived here a while and seen how it worked. Pal asked me to share some of my tips so these are how we’ve made life easier when we moved over 300 miles away from our families

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You can imagine the scene, Prince Charming slides the slipper on to Cinderella’s foot, it fits! Hurray! Time for celebrations, a flash wedding. There’s only one thing, the Prince leans over and whispers into Cinderella’s ear ‘Ummm, actually Cinder’s I’m skint as anything too. Spent all the royal gold on bitcoin and now that’s collapsed. Don’t suppose a quick wedding at the registry office would be ok? Buttons could be the witness…’ Most of us haven’t been out looking to marry a millionaire but there are certain things you expect in a relationship and a new survey from Shepherds Friendly and psychologist and relationship expert, Dr Becky Spelman has a few surprising insights.

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Weekdays might be filled with work, school and nursery but once we’re all back at home then it’s the time for fun in our house. We love to grab a bit of time after school to have fun together or plan something to do at the weekend. Of course it’s not always possible to do trips out after school and even at the weekends the weather can be pretty miserable this time of year so baking is always a favourite with my kids, it’s easy to set up and they get to be creative and most importantly end up with a treat for themselves afterwards! We were asked if we would like to try out some cake sprinkles from Baking Time Club which my kids were more than happy to assist with and we’ve also got a giveaway where you could win some too!

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Whether your plans for half term are as close as soft play or as far away as travelling to another country there’s one thing that you’ll want to sort out before you go. As the mum of two kids whenever we go out in our car there’s certain things we always have with us, drinks, snacks, a change of clothes and, less appealingly, rather grim car seats. Yes my kids snack in the car and they also bring in muddy shoes from school, sand covered wellies from the beach and I don’t know what else that gross stuff is but I know that I don’t want to be seeing it any longer. Thankfully Rug Doctor asked if we would like to try using their hire equipment to clean our car and if I wasn’t 100%, my husband was more than keen for me to try this one out!

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