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60 Free Activities to do with your Preschooler

With the summer holidays now upon us I thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas of things to do with your preschooler for free. If you have a preschooler you’ll know how the holidays suddenly mean that your go to places are either closed (parent and child groups, children’s centre) or absolutely rammed full of ‘big kids’ (oh my days have you been to soft play in the holidays? It’s carnage!) Having two kids myself – one preschooler and one school age I’m sure that most of these activities are suitable for older kids too and there’s enough suggestions that you should be able to find a few ideas no matter what the age of your kids or what they are into.

60 free activities to do with preschoolers

I’ve shared this post before but with the school holidays now upon us I thought it was worth sharing again – after all who doesn’t need more free activities for kids at this time of year? Of course I’d love to pretend that I wake up every morning with a brain overflowing with activities for kids but actually, nope, I’m just grabbing hold of a cup of tea while I try and remember how many times my kids were up in the night so as well as my own ideas and things that we’ve shared I asked some other bloggers for their suggestions too. Some of these free activities for preschoolers are for indoors while some are outdoors. I’ve only included things where I think you will have the things you need already so crafts using recycled materials are fine, ones where you have to spend fifty quid on materials first are not. Got anything you’d add? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list!

Of course if you like these ideas don’t forget to bookmark or pin this page so that you’ll have a big list of fun ideas ready for you when you need it!


60 Free Activities to do with your Preschooler

1.  Have a teddy bears picnic

2. Make shadow puppets

3. ‘The library runs activities in the school holidays too, often with fun reading challenges, mine even puts on the occasional children’s party.’ – Amy – Mama Mighalls

4. Make some playdough

5. ‘Paint’ your fence or wall with a paintbrush and some water

6. ‘Make bunting and placemats out of paper for a picnic in the garden’ – Lynne – New Mummy Blog

7. Feed the ducks at a park

8. Freeze the kids toys

9. Make cloud dough

10. Go to the park

11. Make fairy cakes

12. Draw in the garden with chalk

13. Let them loose on a craft box –  ‘I keep a craft box in the lounge room constantly stocked with packing tape, scissors (safe ones), pens and paper. And then I let my preschooler help herself to the recycling. She comes up with the most wonderful inventions. It’s a classic and keeps her entertained for a long time.’ Alison – Five Little Stars

14. Water the garden – sounds a bit boring but this keeps my preschooler happy for ages!

15. Visit the beach and build sandcastles

16 Make a paper bag bear puppet

17. Do some colouring

18. Try painting with flowers

19. Make an easy bird feeder

20. ‘Go bug hunting with a little pot and a wildlife book and learn about nature and what is around us’ – Cat – Rock and Roll Pussycat

21. Go Geo cashing

22. Go for a walk in the woods

23. Take a jar out and go pond dipping

24. Make ice lollies with squash or fruit juice

25. Draw a treasure map and have an indoor treasure hunt

26. Paint with cotton wool

27. Play musical bumps

28. Go to your local pet shop – anything with an aquarium is good and much cheaper than paying to go to one!

29. ‘Play Pooh Sticks’ – Sarah – Digital Motherhood

30. Make natural art animal pictures

31. Make paper kite birds

32. Make a mud kitchen

33. Go on a colour hunt

34. Draw on shells

35. Build a den

36. Make perfume out of flower petals

37. Make a paper plate sea collage

38. Have a playdate with friends

39. Make a 3D picture with cupcake cases

40. Make sausage rolls

41. Paint on foil

42. Play catch

43. Do finger painting

44. Make fruit kebabs

45. Match patterns from magazines

46. Visit a free local museum

47. Bake gingerbread men

48. Make some foam

49. Play I-Spy

50. Make Cheerio necklaces

51. Do some messy play using food

52. Play football

53. Make a rain catcher

54. Create flower boxes

55. Make smoothies

56. Make paper boats

57. Make cards to give to friends

58. Play Simon Says

59. Do potato printing

60. Visit a Fire Station’s Open Day

After a comment on Facebook I’ve also made a printable list of 50 free activities for families so make sure you check that out too!

free activities to do with preschoolers


  1. 26th July 2017 / 9:03 pm

    These are brilliant and certainly needed for the long holidays.
    I’ve bookmarked to come back to. Thanks

  2. Anonymous
    14th August 2018 / 5:51 am

    Great ideas

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