When it comes to dressing girls, you may find that you want to dress them similarly. This isn’t always going to be the right way to go about dressing for every parent, but when you do have daughters close in age, you may find that this is a lot of fun. Some parents will love the idea of dressing them up in the same outfits, so they look a little more like twins. While others will want to stick to a similar style, yet let the girls’ personalities shine through a little more too. But it’s safe to say that, when you do have girls, dressing them can be a lot of fun. And if you really want to be able to mix things up, let’s take a look at what you could do to get them ready for different occasions.

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In someways I think that Christmas Eve is possibly an even more exciting day than Christmas. No, there isn’t the excited waking up early to open presents but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – last year my two made it to the grand hour of 11pm before they work up desperate to open their gifts and actually I’d like Santa to finally gift us with a lie in. So there isn’t the early wake up call but instead Christmas Eve is a day filled with excitement, of doing things together, of traditions, making memories and having a good time. Marks and Spencers asked us if we would share our Christmas Eve traditions and I was more than happy to help.

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I don’t know about you but for me the excitement of Christmas is almost as good as the big day itself. As well as the pre-Christmas traditions we have like making gingerbread and mince pies one of things I used to love as a kid was looking through toy catalogues and it’s no surprise that my kids are the same. Did any of us ever expect to get everything we ticked? Not at all but it was a great way to get some inspiration which now I’m a parent I need as much as I did as a kid! Smyths Toys asked us if we could check out their latest catalogue and decide what we think are the best toys for this Christmas and you won’t be shocked at all to discover that my kids were more than up for the challenge.

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One of the qualities I appear to have passed down to my daughter is a shared love of all things horse and unicorn, it really makes me giggle when she tells me ‘I love you mummy becuse you a magical unicorn.’ I have no idea why she thinks I would be a unicorn but I’m happy to go along with that – as the mum of two young kids I know that there’s a lot worse things you can be called! I’m really happy to be working with Petplan Equine who asked if my daughter would like to draw her dream horse which they would turn into a toy for her. At three years old obviously her drawing is still very much as you would expect for her age (and drawing horses is so tricky!) but I was really proud of how she put her best into giving it a go!

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This weekend we made the most of the good weather and managed to sort out a last minute camping trip to The Land in Perranporth. I love camping; being outside, getting to explore a new area, the kids having fun, but I can also find it pretty exhausting. My kids aren’t great sleepers and as much as I want to spend time having fun with them I do struggle sometimes just because I’m so tired, I get moany, short tempered (oops) or I depend on sugar to get through the day. This time though I took some Berocca with me so that I could really make the most of our break and have fun with the kids and explore Perranporth.

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