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Advert. This year we’re going on holiday to Disneyland Paris which I’m really excited about – what I’m not excited about though is the thought of my kids asking me if they can have money for 101 things while we’re over there. Not that I blame them (I’m after some Minnie Mouse ears myself) but I don’t want to be spending tons of money every time we pass a shop so I’ve been trying my hardest to get my kids to save some money for their holiday. Saving money isn’t really as much fun as spending it (for adults as well as kids) so Rooster Money have shared some of their best tried and tested tips to encourage your kids to save money as well as one that we’ve been doing at our house.

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Advert. The weather outside is awful which means I’m sat inside today doing one of my favourite things, planning what I’m going to do when the weather improves! Over the last couple of years we’ve been slowly improving our garden, we’ve re-turfed areas, knocked down walls and repainted sheds and now it’s finally ready to get onto the final stages and get some furniture sorted. Having spent so long getting the area ready I really want to finish it all properly and so today I’m sharing some ideas from The Garden Furniture and Interiors Company about some furniture that would be perfect.

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Advert. It will be no big shock to anyone that we love all things handmade here, my kids do a lot of creating and when I get the chance I like to do a bit of embroidery or sewing. Amazon Handmade asked me if I’d like to check out a few of their gorgeous items from Amazon Handmade that are perfect for a personalised Christmas and I was really excited about seeing what their creators would come up with especially as independent sellers on a big platform which is what I’veĀ  done in the past!

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Ad. We loved trying out The Holiday Makers fun engineering activities during the summer so I’m really pleased to be able to work with them again to share this fun Ghoulish Ghost experiment for Halloween and details of some of the fantastic activities and events that are taking place during half term which are perfect for keeping the kids busy and inspiring them at the same time!

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Ad. My kids love drawing, in fact I’d say it’s probably my number one way to keep them entertained and happy (and not arguing!) so when Snapfish asked if I’d like to work with them to showcase their personalised notebooks I jumped at the chance as I knew it would be something my kids would adore and if you think your kids would love it too I’ve got a brilliant discount code for you today!

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