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Having a birthday in late autumn myself I totally understand why anyone would be thinking about half birthday ideas for adults – as a kid summer birthdays seem so much for fun and strangely that doesn’t change as you get older. Even if you’re a summer baby having a half birthday is a fun idea and as far as I’m concerned if the Queen thinks two birthdays are a good idea then why shouldn’t everyone else? I’ve got a separate post of half birthday ideas for kids but of course you could use loads of these for children to celebrate too.

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Once you have kids you find it becomes harder to focus on making your home look the way you want it and you don’t have the spare cash to splash out on a bunch of new stuff.  Don’t give up, it’s important that you feel good about your home and that it’s a place which you enjoy spending time. Here are my suggestions for making your home a special, personal place, without breaking the bank.

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I absolutely adore pesto but I had no idea it came in so many different varieties – how have I managed to miss out for this long?! Thankfully Sacla asked me if I’d like to partner with them on sharing an easy recipe that’s family friendly too which means that I’ve had the chance to try out some of their gorgeous flavours – yum! This chorizo and tomato pesto pasta is easy to make but the inclusion of double cream makes it feel like a real treat too – perfect for a family meal that’s simple to make but tastes super special.

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Fun fact about me – I have huge feet. Ok, it’s not that fun but it is true, I remembering once reading an interview with Johnny Depp in which he said he didn’t like girls with big feet and feeling totally gutted (although time has shown that my huge feet has obviously been a bit of a lucky escape for me as I’m sure it’s only that which stopped us from dating). I’m five foot seven so size three feet would probably make it impossible for me to walk but for years big or wide feet seemed to be a bit of a bad thing and I’m very thankful that seems to be changing.

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If your partner is anything like mine then you’ll know that birthdays, Christmas and Fathers Day are normally all met with pretty much the same level of answers to the big question of what would they like – nothing. Well, lets be honest, not necessarily nothing because most people would like to receive something (and I like my kids to be able to enjoy giving gifts) but my husband can never really think of anything he fancies. Today I’m partnering with Braun to share some Fathers Day upgrades that dads will love to receive, nothing crazy over the top (sorry, the surfboard my husband wants is still well over budget) but the things that turn something from everyday in to awesome.

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