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Super Simple Paper Plate Sea Collage

A quick little post from me today as I was just looking through some old photos and found this sweet paper plate sea collage that my daughter made – how could I forget to share this?! We love all ocean crafts (you can see all our sea crafts for kids here) ad this was inspired by a sea collage we’d seen out on a walk that week – ¬†while it’s super simple it’s also super cute too. As is often the case here it’s made with things that we already had around the house, no news there as I very rarely get any advance warning from the kids!

paper plate sea collage for kids easy

Materials to make your paper plate sea collage

Paper plates

Blue card


Green tissue paper

Coloured card for fish



sea collage paper plate kids

Making your paper plate sea collage

I did this activity with my daughter on one of those days when I knew that she was going to be knackered after nursery so a lot of it was prepped in advance – I cut out the blue background from the sea and the fish shapes from yellow and orange card and I think we did the strips of green seaweed together. Of course if your kid is older / less absolutely knackered then it’s a great way to practice scissor skills together.

paper plate sea collage toddlers

We stuck the blue background onto the plate and then my daughter got busy making her sea collage, I did one too because hey it looked like fun and I wanted to join in too! We added the fish and the seaweed and then added in some little cheerio air bubbles and pebbles too – I think it’s always good to get some extra texture in a collage if you can.

She was really happy with her collage and made sure that she showed it to her brother when he got back after school – always a sign of success!

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paper plate sea collage

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