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Balloon Printed Apple Craft for Kids

We often seem to get leftover balloons from parties or whatever so getting a second use out them as with this balloon printed apple craft is a great idea. It’s a great activity for preschoolers or even toddlers too as it doesn’t require much in the way of skill and using a balloon to print with is a fun alternative to a normal paintbrush.

balloon printed apple craft for preschool

Balloon Printed Apple Craft Materials




Paint in green and red

Green pen


Let’s Make It!

If you’d like to see this apple craft in action (the squishy paint looks pretty cool) check out the video below. Prefer written instructions? No problem, you’ll find them underneath and most importantly if you like this activity don’t forget to save it so you don’t forget about it! Either bookmark this page or pin an image to Pinterest for later. Need more ideas? You’ll find lots more apple crafts for kids at the bottom of this page.

First you need to pour some paint onto a plate or tray to make it easier to dip your balloon in. It doesn’t matter if the red and green paint mix up a bit as that’s what the colours do on apples in real life.

apple craft for kids balloon preschool activity

Simply dip the end of your blown up balloon into the paint and then press it onto your piece of card, I recommend card over paper for this as it tends to hold the paint a bit better but if all you have at home is paper then go for that. The balloon should print a pretty round shape but if not try wiggling the balloon around or bouncing it a bit on the paper – have fun finding out what works best for you! Once all your apples are done draw on some leaves, I’ve used Posca pens as on coloured card the colour tends to show better but go with whatever you have at home.

More Apple Crafts for Kids

This pom pom apple tree is perfect for working on fine motor skills.

fine motor apple tree activity 300

I love these cute apple suncatchers and they’re great for cheering up any room too.

apple-suncatcher-craft-for-kids 300

Finally for another fun technique for painting apples how about these cotton wool painted paper plate apples

cotton-wool-painted-apple-craft 300

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