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6 Fun and Silly Half Birthday Ideas

Now, I know half-birthdays aren’t always the most popular idea with everyone (‘your kids will be spoilt!’ ‘why do you have to celebrate everything!’) but recently I’ve been thinking more and more about them. All our birthdays are in autumn and winter and frankly? It sucks. I love the idea of a celebration in the warmer months and if that makes me a terrible person then so be it! As the kind of mum who struggles to organise a party once a year for her kids, you’ll never see me planning a half-birthday party (also, I’m trying to imagine the look on my friends faces) but I think the idea of celebrating it as a silly and fun family thing to do is actually pretty nice! I thought I’d share some half birthday ideas for anyone else who’s tempted to make the plunge too, after all, if having two birthdays is good enough for the Queen then it’s good enough for me. These half birthday ideas are all on the cheaper side though, not quite having the royal credit card at my disposal, so no toys, no big parties, but still lots of fun. Want more inspiration? I’ve also got 11 half birthday ideas for adults (and shhh but they’d be pretty cool for kids too!)

Half Birthday Ideas

Wake your kids up by singing ‘Happy Half-Birthday to you’

Have half a cake for dinner, with half a candle on it


Have a picnic for lunch – make the most of being able to get out if your half-birthday is in the warmer months or if not a picnic on the front room floor is lots of fun too

Have half a pizza for dinner (or half one topping and half a different one) and serve it with half glasses of drink

Decorate half a room with streamers or paper chains

Let your kids stay up half an hour late

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  1. 28th April 2016 / 7:24 pm

    I think you would love it here. Babies celebrate kleine geburtsdags – small birthdays each month, but perhaps not to this extent! I love your ideas, what fun! I bet your kids love having a half birthday! (:

  2. 29th April 2016 / 3:22 pm

    I like your idea, life should be about celebrating all the time! Cute half cake!! #blogsupport

  3. 4th May 2016 / 7:59 pm

    Love this idea!! I think it’s my half birthday tomorrow actually so I think I will have half a cake 😉

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