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This easy flower scissor skills activity is really quick to set up and uses materials you’re likely to already have at home – always a good thing! Scissor skills are a really important skill to learn but I know that my kids have never been interested in anything worksheet based – this cute craft makes learning a skill more interesting and it would be easy to adapt as a craft for Mothers Day or to make as a card too.

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I adore these flower activities for toddlers that I’m sharing today, there’s just so many gorgeous, clever and pretty ideas! Flowers are a great way to inspire creativity and learning in kids so they make for great activities for toddlers and there’s loads here today to help inspire you too.

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I’m a great believer that you can never have too many pretty things and this easy mosaic flower craft is the perfect way to brighten up the place! Although it looks easy (and it is, hurray!) there’s actually loads of opportunities for learning with this craft too.

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Even though I only posted a round up of sensory play ideas with flowers a week or so ago it seems we can’t seem to stop at the moment and this weeks idea is this fun frozen flowers sensory ice play – perfect for playing outside in the garden! We love activities for toddlers but this is great fun for older kids too and both my kids had great fun with it. We’ve experimented before at freezing ‘treasures’ in ice like our beloved Batman science experiment and this one from a trip scavenging in the woods but I made a few little changes to this to make it better suited to my kids.

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Recently we’ve been sharing a lot of sensory play ideas with flowers so I thought I’d round them all up as well as adding some great ideas from some of my favourite bloggers. Kids love playing with flowers, I think after being told that they can’t grab hold of everything in the garden or park getting permission to play with and explore them is really enjoyable. It’s a great way to celebrate the warmer weather too, plus, lets be honest, they all look kinda pretty and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying that either!

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