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Activities for Toddlers

We’ve shared so many activities for toddlers over the last couple of years that I figured the time had come to put them all in one place and make it a bit easier to find! One year olds and two year olds are great fun to do activities with but I know from experience you often need more than one idea up your sleeve! This page will help you find tons of inspiration with sensory bins, sticky walls,crafts and more.

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Activities for Toddlers

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Before I go any further I have a confession to make. Before I made the images for this post I thought it would be a good idea to count up how many activities are actually included in the links from this post so I went through and just added up all the seasonal posts. Without removing any crafts for toddlers it came to over 500 which just sounded crazy big. So I went back and took out all the crafts I could find and it was still over 250 and that was without including a couple of round ups too. So I’ve written this up as 200+ activities for toddler which hopefully doesn’t sound too intimidating but instead will be a useful resource for you to find ideas through out the year. It’s all set out so you should be able to find what you want quite easily.

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First up are the activities from this site – the majority of which are ones which I did with my toddler, then you’ll find some round ups I’ve made of activities for toddlers for each season or big occasions in the year – we’ve got them all covered. Most of these have some crafts for toddlers included but if you want some ideas that are just craft specific you’ll find a link at the end of this post to where we keep all of those! Next up is some themed activities for toddlers which I’ll be adding to over the next few months and finally you’ll find my recommendations for what I think are the best buys for toddler activities – the ones that we’ve used time and time again. This post is one that I’ll continue to add to over the next year so do come back for more ideas and inspiration!

Two ingredient cloud dough

How to make foam for toddlers

Flower garden sticky wall

Three ingredient flower goop

Flower playdough

Frozen flowers sensory ice play

Contact paper Miffy activity

Easy Easter sensory bin for toddlers

Calming lavender playdough

Rainbow sensory bin

DIY stamps

Ocean themed toddler art

Spring flower sensory soup

Toddler pom pom pick up activity

Paw patrol sensory tub

Gingerbread playdough

Ocean themed sensory bin

Foil Valentines Day activity for toddlers

Frozen paints

DIY number stones

Apple themed writing tray

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Seasonal Round Up Posts

Spring Activities for Toddlers

Valentines Day Activities for Toddlers

Chinese New Year Activities for Toddlers

St Patricks Day Activities for Toddlers

Easter Activities for Toddlers

Earth Day Activities for Toddlers

Summer Activities for Toddlers

4th July Activities for Toddlers

Autumn Activities for Toddlers

Halloween Activities for Toddlers

Thanksgiving Activities for Toddlers

Winter Activities for Toddlers

Christmas Activities for Toddlers

Advent Activities for Toddlers

New Years Eve Activities for Toddlers

Themed Round Up Posts

Flower Activities for Toddlers

Fruit Activities for Toddlers

My Favourite Buys for Toddler Activities

Pom poms are a great one for toddlers to help them strengthen the muscles in their fingers and practice their hand eye coordination to and of course play doh is always a brilliant one for that too! A slightly more unusual one is contact paper which we’ve used for so many crafts and activities for toddlers – it’s perfect for making sticky walls or simple suncatchers. One of the things my kids loved most was a water table – in the summer it’s great to play without outside and in the winter we brought it in and used it for sensory play.

More Inspiration:

Want more ideas? Check out all our crafts for toddlers here for more inspiration of things you can make with your child.

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