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Just like using a knife and fork or holding a pencil, using a pair of scissors is one of those things that kids just have to learn to do at some point, but like most things to do with kids it’s a lot better for everyone involved if you can do it in a fun way! My kids were never big fans of worksheets and to be honest I’m not either, I don’t think I’m alone in admitting that I prefer to do activities with my kids that I can enjoy a bit too? Some of these activities have been created for encouraging scissor skills while others are crafts or activities that require using (and therefore practising) scissor skills in a simple and easy way. Hopefully they’ll all bring a bit more fun for you and your kids to getting those scissor skills perfected!

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This easy flower scissor skills activity is really quick to set up and uses materials you’re likely to already have at home – always a good thing! Scissor skills are a really important skill to learn but I know that my kids have never been interested in anything worksheet based – this cute craft makes learning a skill more interesting and it would be easy to adapt as a craft for Mothers Day or to make as a card too.

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I must admit that I’m a bit obsessed with paper bag crafts for kids at the moment (you can find some more of ours at the bottom of this page). Generally I try to use stuff that we have in the recycling bin where possible but if say, I were to buy a paper bag full of cookies in the supermarket then hey! I’d have a craft material for free! The fact that I have more than one child means that umm… I need to by cookies quite often at the moment but hey I’m hardly finding that to be a hardship and I can’t say the kids have complained either. This cute craft is the perfect way for kids to practice their scissor skills and of course a snack and a cup of tea for parents seems more than appropriate.

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