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Pumpkin Pie Craft: Thankfulness Activity for Kids

I love the idea of Thankfulness activities for kids (and actually maybe we need some Thankfulness activities for adults too?!) and this simple paper plate craft is suitable for even young kids to make with a bit of help – plus it’s a great way to practice scissor skills! What’s more you can also use it as a simple kid made Thanksgiving decoration so if your kids are ready for a bit of crafting it’s a great way to show off their skills to the whole family – and of course to keep reminding them all the things they’re thankful for!

Pumpkin Pie Craft Thankfulness Activity for Kids

Thankfulness Activity for Kids Materials

Paper Plate




White card


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How to create your pumpkin pie thankfulness activity

Start by painting your paper plate, I used an orange paint for the pie itself and a brown paint for the pie crust. Unsurprisingly paints don’t seem to come in ‘pie crust’ colour (someone needs to make that now!) so I mixed a little brown paint with some white, it’s still a little browner than I’d like but this is probably a good representation of my cooking skills too.

Pumpkin Pie Craft Thankfulness Activity for Kids easy

Next up is your whipped cream. While the paint is drying cut some circles out of white card and ask your kids to write what they are thankful on them. I sometimes find that when I’m talking with my kids about things that we are thankful for the answers can get a bit samey – you know – the ones they know off by heart to say. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in being thankful for family, friends and home (be thankful for them! They are great!) but if you want your kids to think outside the box a bit then these gratitude conversation starters from Creative Family Fun are a brilliant idea or Kids Activities Blog have a kids gratitude journal if you’d like to keep something going long term. Of course if you are making this with a group of kids and don’t have any white card then using white circle stickers might be a bit more effective for time (any maybe your purse?!)

Pumpkin Pie Craft Thankfulness Activity for Kids garland

Once your paint is dry cut your pie into slices and pop your whipped cream circles on top. Want to use this as a decoration? Simple just pop a hole in the top of each pie slice and thread through some bakers twine¬†– I much prefer this to normal string as it looks so much nicer when you hang things up! If you like this craft make sure that you bookmark it or pin the image at the bottom of this page so you don’t forget about it – I know how hectic this time of year can be!

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Paper Bag Turkey Craft for Kids puppet 300

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pumpkin pie thanksgiving craft thankfulness activity


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