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15 Easy and Fun Scissor Skills Activities for Kids

Just like using a knife and fork or holding a pencil, using a pair of scissors is one of those things that kids just have to learn to do at some point, but like most things to do with kids it’s a lot better for everyone involved if you can do it in a fun way! My kids were never big fans of worksheets and to be honest I’m not either, I don’t think I’m alone in admitting that I prefer to do activities with my kids that I can enjoy a bit too? Some of these activities have been created for encouraging scissor skills while others are crafts or activities that require using (and therefore practising) scissor skills in a simple and easy way. Hopefully they’ll all bring a bit more fun for you and your kids to getting those scissor skills perfected!

scissor skills activities and crafts

Scissor Skills Activities

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All the activities today that I’ve shared appear in the same order that they do in the two collages below to help you find the details of your favourites that little bit easier. There’s more activities than you’ll find in the collages though (and they are lovely too, I just ran out of room) so do take a look through to find some new ideas. Like these activities? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you’ve got them all to hand when you need them!


Scissor skills preschool easy and fun #preschool #kidsactivities


I love these paper feathers from A Little Pinch of Perfect and they’d be really good to craft with afterwards – perhaps decorating a headband or for a bird craft?

I love this fun activity from Nurturestore that uses jelly, a bit messy but I know it would be popular with my kids!

My son made this paper plate twirler as a fun way to practice his scissor skills, this one is Peter Rabbit themed but we’ve made space and snow ones as well so it’s a really simple craft to adapt to your kids interests.

We loved this cute paper bag haircut scissor skills craft

This hedgehog activity from Paging Fun Mums is genius and makes practising a new skill lots more fun!

My son made these snakes to practice his scissor skills and they were great for playing with afterwards too

easy scissor skills activities for kids #scissorskills #kidsactivities

We’ve shared a lot of activities for toddlers and I love this rainbow activity that’s a perfect introduction to using scissors

This lion craft from Schooltime Snippets is a great way to get your kids making something while practising their scissor skills at the same time.

Try playing ‘what’s hiding in the grass’ with this fun activity from Schooltime Snippets

This flower scissor skills activity would make a cute Mothers Day card too

A cutting tray is a great activity to try out with kids and this one looks great with all the different materials to try

Swap plastic straws for paper ones and try out this activity from Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails

I did this craft with my kids when they were aged six and three, we did it as an Autumn one but you could change it to the first letter of your childs name (or anything else you fancy) and cutting the coloured card is a great way to practice scissor skills

We did this activity as a Christmas tree scissor skills craft but you could easily just not do the ornaments and then it could be good for any time of the year!

I love sticky wall activities and they were always really popular with my kids, this sticky wall mural is a great way to practice scissor skills in a way that’s a bit different

More Easy Activities for Kids

After more simple activities to keep your kids busy? We love these DIY birdfeeders which are a great excuse to get outdoors for a while too!bird feeders kids can make square image 300

Or fancy some themed crafts? This collection of farm animal crafts has lots of cute ideas in it.

farm animal crafts for kids square image 300

Finally I think it’s fair to say that most of us could do with a few free activities to do with our kids? This list of 60 free activities for preschoolers is a great place to start!

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