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Paper Bag Haircuts: A Cute Scissor Skills Craft

I must admit that I’m a bit obsessed with paper bag crafts for kids at the moment (you can find some more of ours at the bottom of this page). Generally I try to use stuff that we have in the recycling bin where possible but if say, I were to buy a paper bag full of cookies in the supermarket then hey! I’d have a craft material for free! The fact that I have more than one child means that umm… I need to by cookies quite often at the moment but hey I’m hardly finding that to be a hardship and I can’t say the kids have complained either. This cute craft is the perfect way for kids to practice their scissor skills and of course a snack and a cup of tea for parents seems more than appropriate.

kids scissor skills paper bag craft

Scissor Skills Craft: Paper Bag Haircuts

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I originally posted this activity a little while ago but it’s been so popular I thought I’d give it a quick update and share it again. Want to make sure that you remember it? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you don’t forget about it.


scissor skills preschool craft paper bag haircuts

You will need:

Paper bags: You can buy some like these¬†although I’ve also used the ones in Morrisons

Pens: I used these ones as they give really bright colours but you could use any felt tips


kids scissor skills craft

Paper Bag Haircuts:

I’ve made a video for this craft which you can watch below. Prefer written instructions? No problem, you’ll find them underneath.

I did this activity with my daughter who is three and my son who is six, I also made a paper bag haircut person myself because I thought they looked like fun!I gave both the kids their paper bags and told them to draw faces on them, at six years old my sons picture is more of a proper face (he even added ears onto the sides) while at three my daughters was less so as she was more interested in making it look pretty – lots of extra eyes!

scissor skills craft for preschool

Both kids then gave it a go with the scissors to cut their paper bags hair, again my daughter needed a little more help with this but this makes them a really fun way to practice scissor skills. You could also trim the hair afterwards if you wanted to. My son loved his paper bag person so much he then continued the craft by making a whole body to go with his paper bag head – complete with a paper bag headed toy with the same haircut!

paper bag haircut craft for scissor skills

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