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Scissor Skills Christmas Tree Craft

Hopefully on the final day of poorly kids today as they have been climbing the walls! When things get a bit frantic I know that Christmas crafts are a great way to calm my two down and the Christmas tree craft is great as not only was it fun to make but it helps improve scissor skills too. Add some stickers for supporting their fine motor skills and suddenly you have a cute Christmas tree craft that’s pretty educational too, wow, how did that happen?! And the kids didn’t notice either, they were far too busy having fun.

scissor skills christmas tree craft for preschoolers

You will need:

Green card




Stickers (mine are a big tub from The Range that cost a quid)

How we made our Christmas Trees:

First I cut out three triangle shapes from the card and stuck them so that there was plenty of room on each layer for some cutting – to do this just pop a thin line of glue at the top of each triangle between each layer.

Once this had dried I gave one tree to each of my kids (two and four) and invited them to trim the tree’s branches, showing them how to do it on my own tree. My son went for the scissors straight away cutting lines into the tree and curling them to make branches but my daughter (2) who has been desperate to use the scissors for weeks just wasn’t in the mood for it. To be honest I had wondered if she’s fancied it so we helped her with the cutting and let her play with the stickers to decorate them. The trees look much more festive that way too! She and her brother both loved decorating their trees and making them look nice and festive.

scissor skills christmas tree craft

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