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With Halloween stuff filling up the shops I thought it might be fun to make a stained glass pumpkin suncatcher. When I saw some brightly coloured cellophane for sale I thought it would be a great way to make the colours a bit brighter than with tissue paper and with the end result looks like stained glass and it also gave us a great opportunity to talk about colour mixing!

Stained Glass Pumpkin

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It seems strange to say this but I think Autumn and Fall crafts are starting to slow down now as we all start thinking about Halloween. I figure though that gives me one more chance though to make the most of autumn so here’s some easy apple activities for kids to make.

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You know how sometimes great ideas pop into your head? Well ten minutes before I was due to pick up my son from playgroup I had this idea for this easy autumn tree craft and I knew we had to make it. Thankfully it was stupidly quick to prepare and it made the journey back from playgroup much more fun so I thought that I would share it! I’ve also shared some of our favourite autumn crafts for kids at the end of this post so make sure you check those out too.

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Yep, Autumn is well and truly here (doesn’t it feel like it’s been here for a couple of weeks now?!) With a new season though comes a chance to do new things so this weeks Tuesday Tutorials is all about sharing some of the great autumn crafts for preschoolers that were linked up last week. That’s my week pretty much sorted!

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With summer coming (and ending!) a bit too early round here this year we’ve been finding lots of ripe blackberries cropping up at the sides or roads and in the loacl woods. I thought it would be fun to try some blackberry crafts as I really wanted to try something with my son that would give us the chance to try out a few new textures, creating our own blackberry wreath seemed the perfect way to do this!

Blackberry wreath autumn crafts for kids

You will need:

A paper plate (cut out the middle bit to make a wreath shape)


Paint (any but you need something blacky / purple for the blackberries)

Bubble wrap




How to make your blackberry wreath:

Me and The Toddler had lots of fun out hunting in our garden for leaves to paint while his sister was having a nap, I guess it feels a bit naughty to a kid as its not paper?! He then painted the leaves red while we had a little chat about how the colours of leaves change during the seasons.

kids autumn wreathWhile they were drying we then painted the bubble wrap – lots of fun as it feels strange to little people!

Some of the bubble wrap we used for printing onto paper, the bubbly effect makes it look like the bumps on a blackberry. We also had a bit of a chat about all the foraging we’ve done so far, I’m very pro taking kids foraging especially as it’s saving me a small fortune on soft fruit at the moment!

We also painted some of the bubble wrap a slightly different colour so we could have textured blackberries too.

I cut out the two different kinds of blackberries for him (wobbly lines on the paper, triangles on the bubble wrap as anything cleverer than that was way beyond me) and then he stuck them and the leaves onto the paper plate to make his blackberry wreath!

childrens autumn blackberry wreath

I’m loving all the autumn crafts that are filling my Pinterest feed at the moment, have you made anything yet?!