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I must admit that I am more than a little bit in love with this sweet Halloween suncatcher craft! I’m always a fan of things that can be made from the contents of our recycling bin and just like our stained glass weather suncatchers these were easy to make and a great way to decorate for Halloween.

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Autumn and Fall are all about pumpkins with harvest and Halloween on people’s minds so there’s no better time to think about making some pumpkin crafts for kids. There’s loads of great ideas in this round up to give you a bit of inspiration and help you and the kids to embrace this time of the year and to have fun getting creative!

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The picture-perfect pumpkins took just 24 hours to carve with scenes including the chilling beam in the alien film classic, The Thing (1982), the eerie resurrection of the beloved cat in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary (1989), the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man storming the streets of New York for Ghostbusters (1984), Carrie (1976) drenched in pig’s blood during her ‘time-to-shine’ prom moment, and the spine-chilling mask from Halloween (1978).Got a pumpkin to carve tonight? While a simple Jack O’Lantern is perfect for kids to make if you fancy trying something a bit more impressive then I’ve teamed up with Sky Cinema Halloween to share some fantastic Halloween film inspired pumpkin carving ideas that will make your house or party look amazing!

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I love Halloween but I have to admit that carving a pumpkin is not my favourite activity. My son loves it and loves putting the pumpkin outside but me? Well I’m the one with bits of pumpkin goo stuck down their fingernails. Of course you can still carve a pumpkin and do some no carve pumpkins too, the brillianceofthese is that you could so them a few days before Halloween and have them decorating your house and getting you all in the mood for the big day. After all if I’m making a minion pumpkin I want to look at it for more than just one night and I know my kids would too! I don’t want to give myself nightmares so these are all no carve pumpkin ideas that kids will love – which are you going to try this year?

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Now that my son has started school I’m on the look out for more crafts for toddlers that I can do with my daughter. This button pumpkin craft is a fun activity that can be used to celebrate fall or Halloween and is great for promoting fine motor skills.