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Paper Bowl Mummy Craft

Previously I’ve shared with you a fun little paper bag mummy craft and I loved the idea of it so much that when we ended up with some leftover paper bowls I knew that at least one of them would have to end up as a paper bowl mummy! While this is a really simple craft it’s perfect for younger kids and it’s got a couple of great hidden benefits to making it and of course being a bowl means it looks fab displayed up on a wall.

mummy craft halloween fine motor

Paper Bowl Mummy Materials:

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Paper bowl


Black paint


Masking tape

Black card

White card


Let’s make it!

If you’d like to see how I made this craft you can check out the video below, but if you prefer written instructions and tips they’re just underneath it. Want to make sure you don’t forget this craft? Make sure you bookmark this page or pin an image so you have this idea to hand when you need it. Want more fun Halloween crafts for kids? Check out the links at the end of this post or check out my book of Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids.

Start by painting your paper bowl with black paint – now I’m going to be honest here and say that if you don’t fancy the whole black paint thing I understand – I’m normally ok with it but I’ve also let me kids use it the day after we had our bathroom refitted and looking back? Maybe not my best choice. If you’re fine with black paint then I’d just recommend keeping a wet cloth nearby (is it really worse than any other paints?) but alternatives are leaving the bowl plain or using black paper plates.

paper bowl mummy craft easy preschool halloween fine motor idea

Once the paint is dry you are ready to get started. The first thing I’ve done is make the eyes, these are cut out of black and white card and then glued on which is great for practising scissor skills. Another alternative way to make these would be to use googly eyes stuck on instead or you could use yellow or red eyes to make it a bit scarier.

Next is to get those wraps around your mummy, for this I’ve used masking tape and tearing it is a great fine motor skill for kids too. I love mummy crafts because looking a bit messy is all part of the fun, it doesn’t matter if the masking tape doesn’t quite reach both ends or if bits cross over, in fact that makes it look better!

Your paper bowl mummy is now finished and ready to pop on the wall or play with!

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frankenstein craft 300

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paper-bowl-monster-craft 300

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