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Crafts for kids

Easy, achievable and fun crafts for kids – cheap materials but amazing results!

I’m not quite sure where the trend for Valentines tree crafts came from but one thing I do know is that they’re super cute and we’re always to go with any reason to make something cheerful and pretty! These Valentines crafts are super easy and use a template for the tree which means that you can make them with even very young kids (because trees can be a bit tricky to draw and this way you don’t have to wait for paint to dry) but older kids will also enjoy making these as a cute craft to pop on the wall and decorate your place ready for Valentines Day.

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We love Marvel crafts? Why? Because if you want kids to do crafting then you have to make it something they’re interested in! I genuinely believe that these crafts are suitable for kids of all ages (including big kids like me) and today I’m sharing lots of Marvel crafts for kids as well as a couple for adults to make too. Obviously you’re never going to give your one year old a glue gun but could they help paint some paper plates for a Hulk mask or Captain America’s shield? Absolutely!

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I’ve shared some Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers and some for toddlers before but today I thought I’d get a little bit more specific and share some Valentines Day crafts for 3 year olds. Why three? Well because I wrote this originally when my daughter was three and even as a blogger myself I often find having a look through Pinterest that a lot of the stuff I see if super pretty but not quite suitable for her age, so I asked some of my favourite craft blogger what Valentines Day crafts they’d done with three year olds (not just stuff that theoretically kids can do) and these are the ideas they suggested, hope you love them as much as I do!


My kids don’t really send valentines but that doesn’t mean that they don’t both love to throw themselves fully into Valentine’s Day crafts and activities, besides what could be better than celebrating the concept of love?! We love sharing activities for toddlers and his fun Valentines Day activity for toddlers is a nice way to get them to experiment with painting without a paintbrush (or their hands!) and is also a great way to keep your little ones busy using items from your kitchen cupboard.

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So today I’m sharing some easy and fun pig crafts for kids with you, mainly because I thought it would be a good idea with Chinese New Year on the way so that you can use these as year of the pig crafts but also because I think pig crafts are actually pretty popular all year round? If you have young kids then you’ve probably spent some (or in my case a lot) watching Peppa Pig and many of these are easy to adapt into Peppa Pig crafts. Or you can use them for a farm theme too – loads of way to use these easy and simple crafts.

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