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Contact Paper Miffy Activity

I’ve really enjoyed being a Miffy Mum this year. Both my kids love Miffy anyway but it’s helped inspire a few ideas that I might not have thought of otherwise. Keeping toddlers entertained can be tricky, especially before they can talk and tell you what they want to do. Of course, at nearly two years old my toddler has lots of ways of communicating with us, but her main messages seem to be ‘more crackers’ or ‘look at my shoes! I love my shoes!’ rather than ‘hey mummy, lets do some activities for toddlers to improve my fine motor skills that are also super cute too’. Thankfully on some occasions I manage to fill in the blanks for her so while we spent a morning alone I set up this sweet Miffy activity for her to do!

Contact Paper Miffy Activity

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You will need:

Contact paper / sticky back plastic
A pen
Washi tape /sellotape
Cotton wool


How to make your contact paper Miffy activity:

On the non-sticky side of the contact paper I drew a picture of Miffy’s face. As a rule, I’m ashamed to admit that my drawing skills are less than awesome so I had a look at the cover of Miffy’s Birthdayto help me. Thankfully at 1 my daughter is too young to complain about my drawing, but as we recently watched the Miffy Movie together (which she loved!) I’m fairly certain she recognised who it was.

Wait for the pen to dry and then stick it to a window using washi tape or selotape with the sticky side facing you. For this I really would recommend using a window rather than a wall just in case your drawing isn’t 100% dry. Mine wasn’t but I managed to easily wipe away any mess using an e-cloth, I wouldn’t have fancied my chances on my walls though.

Once the activity was set up I invited my daughter to come and decorate Miffy making her all fluffy with the cotton wool. After our previous ocean art experience she knew exactly what to do and got stuck in!

fun miffy activities for kids

As well as sticking the cotton wool to Miffy we also tried removing it and sticking it elsewhere onto the picture which left a layer of fluff on the contact paper and my daughter thought it was hilarious when I put pieces of cotton wool onto my hands and blew them onto the contact paper where they stuck!

miffy activity for toddlers
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