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Winter Tree Painting Ideas for Kids

As the weather turns colder we’re always after ideas that we can do inside in the warm and these winter tree painting ideas for kids are a great place to start, I’m sharing three ideas today but I’d love to hear what ideas you and your kids come up with for making some easy winter art! Today’s activity uses one of our free templates to help make it that bit quicker for you to set up so that you can concentrate instead on having fun and getting creative.

winter tree painting ideas kids can do

Winter Tree Painting Ideas for Kids

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Winter crafts might not have the gorgeous colours of autumn of the blossom of spring but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be fun. I’ve used white paint for the snow on the trees but you could go for some metallic silver ones or add some snowflake stickers. Like this activity? Make sure you don’t forget about it by bookmarking this page or pinning an image so that you’ve got this inspiration to hand when you need it plus keep reading for how we printed these trees plus some great ideas for winter books to share with your children and more winter craft ideas.


winter tree painting ideas with free template #wintercrafts #kidscrafts

For all these crafts you will need white paint, a plate to put your paint on (as it makes it a lot easier to paint with and our free tree trunk template – download your free tree template here.

Straw Printed Winter Tree Craft

straw printed winter tree craft for kids #wintercrafts #winteractivities

Cut slits into the end of a paper straw and then use this to print your tree.

Pom Pom Printed Winter Tree

pom pom printed winter tree craft for kids #wintercrafts #preschool

Pom poms are great for painting with, they make a lovely effect and they’re great for practising fine motor skills.

Toothbrush Painted Winter Tree

toothbrush printed winter tree craft #wintercraft #snowcraft

Dip a toothbrush into white paint and use this to create the snow on your tree.

Winter Books for Kids

I’m always happy to take the option to snuggle up with my kids and share a story, preferably with a hot chocolate! I love sharing seasonal stories with my kids, which of these would your children enjoy?

More Winter Crafts for Kids

This scrunched paper snowman is easy to make and tissue paper is a lovely sensory material to work with.

scrunched paper snowman craft 300

While this sweet paper plate snowman twirler makes a great decoration to hang up.

paper plate snowman 300

Finally these paper plate snowflakes are great for decorating (and using up any excess craft supplies!)paper plate snowflakes 300