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This simple rain craft for kids is perfect for preschoolers or as a craft for toddlers. As well as being easy to make it uses items that you’re likely to have at home and along with our other weather crafts it’s a great activity if you’re looking at weather crafts or spring crafts.

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We love sharing crafts for toddlers and you guys always seem to love them too so today I’ve got some easy and fun weather crafts for toddlers to share with you with some simple ideas for sun, rain, snow and thunder crafts.

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I love how cute these sweet weather suncatchers look and the great thing about them is they’re super simple to make using some stuff I grabbed from our recycling bag! Pop them up in the window and these remind me of stained glass suncatchers – though of course they’re a lot safer and easier for kids to make which means they’re a lot better for parents too!

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I love these weather crafts and activities – there’s really something for everyone with paper plate crafts that even the youngest kids can do and fun weather science experiments to inspire the older children.

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This paper plate umbrella craft for kids is such a simple and cute idea you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before! I find that my kids need something to do after school or nursery otherwise they get a little… antsy. But if it’s anything too complicated then they tend to get upset as they’re normally worn out by then. This kids craft gets the balance right, it’s fun enough for school age kids but it’s simplicity makes its a good crafts for toddlers too. It’s also good fun if you’re trying to teach about weather as we’ve tried out a simple add-on activity to make it a little more interesting!

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