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Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet

I love crafts that are easy enough for kids to make themselves and this sweet paper bag reindeer puppet ticks all the boxes for me. I love paper bag crafts for kids because they’re simple, don’t require tons of materials that are tricky to find and it’s something that they can play with afterwards. This craft also required me and the kids to eat cookies which was a great hardship but somehow we endured it! Here’s how you can make this craft too.

paper bag reindeer puppet

Paper bag reindeer puppet materials:

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Two paper bags


Black pen

Red card



Let’s make it:

Start by putting one paper bag aside and then cutting your reindeer’s antlers out of the second bag. Our bags are a mixture of ones bought online and ones from Morrisons bakery department – I think crafting is a good excuse to buy cookies?

paper bag reindeer puppet craft

Next glue these onto the top of your other paper bag and then cut out a large red nose from red card and stick this in place too. I tend to find that PVA glue is better for sticking things better but glue sticks work quicker as they don’t need  to dry. Which one you go for depends on how quickly your kid will want to play with their reindeer puppet afterwards!

All that’s left to do now is to add your reindeer’s eyes and mouth and it’s ready to play with. Want some more inspiration for fun Christmas crafts  to make with the kids? How about this cute bubble wrap snowman craft that’s perfect for using up any excess packaging you receive?bubble wrap snowman craft 300

Or these Christmas story stones are a great way to encourage kids to make up their own Christmas stories.

christmas story stones painted rocks 300

Finally if you didn’t buy tons of cookies how about making these sweet reindeer snacks instead? (Or as well, it is Christmas after all!)

Reindeer Rice Krispie Treats 300

paper bag reindeer puppet for kids to make

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