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Bubble Wrap Snowman Craft

Many years ago I shared a bubble wrap snowman that I made with my son, it’s remained really popular over the years because it’s such a simple and fun activity for the kids. Yesterday while doing some painting with my daughter I thought of how we could change the craft slightly to make a different bubble wrap snowman craft so this is our new version. I love that even with the same theme the two crafts are really quite different although what they both have in common is that we had fun making them.

bubble wrap snowman craft

Bubble wrap snowman craft materials

Dark blue card

White paint




White cake cases



Pens – black and orange

Optional – cotton wool

Let’s make it:

Start by painting your bubble wrap white – this on it’s own is quite a fun activity as it’s a different experience for kids to the normal paper. Then lift up your bubble wrap and push it down onto your card to make little white ‘snowflakes’. I recommend using card rather than paper for this as it’s a lot better at holding lots of paint or glue! At just turned four, my daughter enjoyed making the snowflakes but also enjoyed just pushing the bubble wrap around the card too. You will, of course, have to excuse the slightly dark process photos here, we did this snowman craft late in the afternoon and the thought of getting out some professional lights before I craft with the kids is a little… well it’s just not going to happen, sorry!

bubble wrap snowman craft for preschool

Next up is making your snowman. Flatten out a cupcake case and draw your snowman’s face on it. We decided to make ours into a more three dimensional picture by putting a bit of cotton wool under each cupcake case before sticking it down onto our snow scene.

bubble wrap christmas crafts snowman

Finally it’s adding the buttons, I thought we would draw these on with a pen but my daughter disagreed and frankly I think she was right – real buttons look a lot better! Again we used cotton wool for our bubble wrap snowman craft under our cupcake liners to pad them out a bit and then stuck the buttons on the top, using the buttons makes this a good Christmas craft for fine motor skills too. If you’d like more snowman activities with a slight educational slant to them then this snowman science activity from Little Bins for Little Hands looks great or you could try this snowman number match printable from A Dab of Glue Will Do.

If you liked this craft make sure that you bookmark this page or pin the image at the bottom so that you don’t forget to make it.

Fancy some more ideas? This snowflake twirler is great for helping with scissor skills and fine motor skills.

Snowflake Paper Plate Twirler 300

Or these paper plate snowflakes would look great hung up in a bedroom or classroom and are a fun way to clear out your craft draw of all the ‘bits’ as well!

paper plate snowflakes 300

Finally I’ve got loads more crafts, activities and sensory play ideas over here with over 50 winter activities for toddlers – most of which would be great for older kids too.

winter crafts and activities for toddlers 300

bubble wrap snowman craft kids toddlers preschool


  1. 1st December 2017 / 12:32 pm

    these are pretty sweet. Love the buttons and so easy for kids to make. Your paper plate snowflakes look like a great craft too

  2. 1st December 2017 / 12:33 pm

    What a lovely Christmas activity to try with little ones. It would look lovely in any parents home

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