Torn Paper Apple Craft

So after we went on our trip to the orchard last week we got pretty busy with apple crafts! You might have already seen the apple shaker we made but we also made these paper plate apples. Rather than just get the paints out I thought it might be a good idea to try a torn paper apple craft instead, firstly because tearing paper is really good for fine motor skills, but also because I think it can get a bit boring always doing everything the same way. For me as well as the kids! I really loved the way my son chose to decorate his which I’ll share with you further down!

torn paper apple craft

You will need:

Paper Plates

Red Paper

Green Paper



Optional – Black Paper and Googly Eyes

How we made made our paper plate apples:

Firstly as normal I set up the activity for my kids, I have a one and a four year old and setting stuff up in advance works far better than asking them to sit at the table and wait. I cut out the leaves for them from green paper and asked them to tear up some paper to stick onto their apples. They did some of this themselves and some of it I did for them, frankly, they’d had a busy day out looking at real apples and it’s really not worth turning craft projects into a chore if your kids are knackered, always be prepared for what mood they’re in! You might also be able to see in the pictures that at the same time as making our torn paper apples crafts we were in fact snacking on windfall apples, many thanks to Trustlinks Orchard for these!

making paper plate apples

My kids stuck the torn paper and leaves onto the paper plates to make their apples. I think they look pretty cute?! At this point my four year old son remembered how I’d been speaking to him recently about how we make things to show other people how they’re done so they can do it too and told me he wanted to make a monster apple and that I had to photograph it and put it on my blog. Now, since he is obviously one of the main contributors to this site I do have to go with his wishes sometimes so this is his monster apple!! Perhaps you could do a version of this as a Halloween craft?!?

paper plate monster apple

We also got the youngest to see if she wanted to make an apple with a face, although with a bit of encouragement from me hers is slightly cuter. I’m not sure if I prefer them with or without faces? Either way it was good fun though.

cute torn paper apple craft for kids

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