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Free Miffy Colouring Pages and Miffy’s Birthday!

Did you know that this year is Miffy’s 60th birthday? She looks pretty good for it right?! Miffy is a firm favourite at our house with both my son and my daughter loving the stories by Dick Bruna. I was really happy to be asked by the people at Miffy if I’d like to help Miffy celebrate her birthday by being a Miffy Mum and sharing some cool Miffy stuff this year, they had me at the title alone! I’m starting my Miffy Mums posts by sharing these gorgeous free Miffy colouring pages which I know kids are going to love colouring in!

Free Downloadable Miffy Colouring Pages

Miffy’s Birthday Book Review

As well as the fab colouring pages below we were also sent the book Miffy’s Birthday to review which both my kids (18 months and 4 years old) have really been enjoying! The youngest loves to look at the pictures and has been carrying the book all around the house with her! My son is generally known for his superhero loving ways but he adores this book too, it’s been a great bedtime story that he’s been enjoying reading with his dad and the two of them have been looking at the rhymes in the story, it’s the first time my son has really grasped the concept of rhymes so as well as being a great read it’s been really educational too!

Free Miffy Colouring Pages Spring Summer Autumn Fall


Download Your Free Miffy Colouring Pages

Miffy’s Face Colouring Page

Miffy in Spring Colouring Page

Miffy in Summer Colouring Page

Miffy in Fall Colouring Page

Miffy in Winter Colouring Page

Miffy goes to School Colouring Page

Miffy and her Friends Colouring Page

Miffy Colouring and Miffy and her Friends Colouring Pages

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